Playstation 4 controller mockup

Playstation 4 controller mockup

With news that the dual-shock controller will be retired by Sony, gamers at the forum neogaf have added their concept impressions on the new PlayStation 4 controllers.

Rumours of the Playstation 4 have been brutal ever since Sony’s exciting abstract video release, calling all fans to a Playstation event on Feb 20. We aren’t sure what we will see, but everyone has big bets on Sony revealing the next console.

This contradicts the other piece of news we got recently, with Sony’s CEO saying he wanted Microsoft to make the first move in the next generation console race, and asked reporters why he should show his hand when Microsoft have yet to show their own.

Playstation 4 controller mockup

Maybe there was some miscommunication between dates, as Microsoft has yet to give any solid proof that the next generation Xbox will be coming any time this year. That being said, the console is highly rumoured for E3.

Some of the concept art for the new PlayStation 4 controller has the same design, but with a small touchscreen panel in the middle. We believe this will be a hub for easier dashboard navigation.

Gamers reacted badly to the idea of touchscreens, biometrics and any other wacky solution being added to what was a reliable, durable and very usable controller. As we have seen before, the gaming community isn’t the most polite when features are changed.

Playstation 4 controller mockup

The PlayStation 4 controller may also include the move sensor for motion game-play and a small microphone inbuilt for voice recognition. We hope they still add a headset, for private use and for better in-game noise and in-game chat.

Sony look all set to reveal something big at the event on Feb 20, with all these PlayStation 4 controller concepts, rumours and leaks, the suspense would crash down on the Japanese company if they were just there to reveal a new operating system or Vita upgrade.

We will keep bringing you news on the PlayStation 4 as we get it.

Do you think the Playstation 4 controller should have a touchscreen or any other features? Tell us in the comments!