Galaxy S4 specs

Galaxy S4 specs

It is always good to have rumours when your product is upcoming, it shows interest and excitement for the gadget, and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 certainly has a lot of excitement.

In the past two weeks, we have heard the thick and thin about what the Galaxy S4 specs will be, and unsurprisingly, the tale has been twisted by all anonymous leakers. In one scenario, the Galaxy S4 specs sport a octo-core processor, then we go back to quad-core, then to flexible displays, the list is quite long for Galaxy S4 specs.

Galaxy S4 specs: the full list of rumours 

The question is out of the all the rumours being released, which ones have any truth to them. We recently got news that the Galaxy S4 will come with eye tracking technology for reading, this report was from The New York Times, so we have to take it into consideration.

The octo-core processor has a ring of truth to it, considering Samsung unveiled they were making these chips at CES. The problem is have Samsung had enough time to properly test and design the chips to work well on the Galaxy S4.

Other reports say that the Galaxy S4 will be the first smartphone ever to feature 3GB of RAM and Samsung may even add a new GPU chip to vastly increase graphics performance on the smartphone.

Flexible displays should be taken with a pinch of salt, and we suspect Samsung will be placing this on a budget or new handset before adding the technology to their flagship. We have seen some robust builds from both Samsung and Corning, with their Willow Glass.

The display on the new Galaxy S4 will apparently be top-notch, beating the new HTC One 468ppi full HD display, the highest on offer at the moment. Samsung is apparently funding a lot of money into Samsung Display, their own team working on enhancing the quality.

Many aren’t sure what the design of the Galaxy S4 will be, with some rumours pointing to a brushed metal aluminium finish or possibly a full glass device. We can’t take the glass rumour seriously, but Samsung may be ready to ditch the cheap plastic.

All these rumours just build up the hype and excitement for a device that may just be a small evolution to the already amazing Galaxy S3. The problem is Samsung wants to be a competitor in the software space and wants to make their products as awesome as Apple’s, so they may push a lot forward on this new smartphone.