Toonia iPhone game

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Toonia Storymaker is an iPad app developed by 3fs. Your child can create, read, and share their own imaginative stories, created with cute backgrounds, stickers, and dynamic characters.

Toonia Storymaker is part educational app and part creative toy. The first thing your child will do is a select a character that will personify them. There are TONS of great options, both in terms of gender, color, and personality information: most kids should have no problem finding an avatar that really speaks to them and that they can identify with.


At its heart, Toonia Storymaker is like the 21st century version of those plastic, static-cling paper doll sets. But instead of layering bits of thin plastic across a white screen to set the stage for your paper dolls, Toonia Storymaker is totally digital and way easier to use.

You can set a background, place your characters, choose symbols and decorations, and write down what the characters are saying to one another. It’s even easy enough for kids to use unsupervised.

This app is suitable for ages 4+, though the developers encourage adults to try playing around with Toonia Storymaker as well if they want to create stories to share with kids at bedtime.

The developers also state on their App Store page that “it is also great for children with special needs, giving them and their parents alternative means to express things they might have trouble communicating otherwise.”


Toonia Storymaker allows for endless possibilities and hours of fun for both kids and parents. Who knows: this inexpensive iPad app purchase might just inspire the next great comics artist, film director, or creative writer. Best of all, it has no ads and no annoying music on a loop. This app is just good clean fun for kids.

Toonia Storymaker is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.