The Fourth of July is known for its parades, barbecues and, of course, fireworks. However you decide to celebrate the holiday weekend, whether with delayed flights or a friendly beach barbecue, the App Store developers have plenty enough appropriate selections to offer.

#1 Handmarks Fireworks

Virtual firework apps are an endless favorite. Handmarks Fireworks lets you set off dozens of rockets at once by touching the screen where you want them to explode. The explosive devices blow up fountain-style in a variety of colors.

#2 Fourth of July Quiz

Looking to educate yourself with the history of the United States? Learn more and use your knowledge about the 50 states with the Fourth of July Quiz iPhone app. Test yourself and your friends with three unique quizzes that look to test understanding of the United States of America. Plus, with 50 questions in each quiz, you’re bound to learn something new.

#3 The Declaration

Amid the barbecues, parades and fireworks, don’t forget what the holiday is all about. The Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch lets you read the Declaration of Independence the way it was meant to be read. The app comes with a copy of the historic document, a plain text version and historian notes, too.

#4 GateGuru

If you plan on flying, conquer the skies with GateGuru. Among other things, this app tells you which stores and restaurants are in every airport terminal around the United States of America.

#5 Fourth of July Recipes

For more eats that are decidedly patriotic check out the 4th of July Recipes iPhone application. The app, which houses more than 200 recipes that are sure to spice up your weekend, includes a searchable database of nearly 30,000 food and drink concoctions.