10 Odd and Fascinating Facts about Cannabis

Cannabis use influences culture in so many ways. Movie plots center around marijuana and songs are written about it. Here are some other interesting facts about cannabis.

1. History

Cannabis plants from 500 B.C. didn’t contain as much THC as plants today. Historians speculate that ancient cultures knew about the psychoactive affects of cannabis. Further, they experimented and found out how to grow plants with higher THC levels. The more potent weed was used in religious ceremonies. Burnt cannabis seeds were discovered in the graves of ancient shamans. Go online and find marijuana seeds from i49 to perform your own experiments.

2. Medical Marijuana

Cannabis extracts were sold in drugstores in the late 19th century. An Irish doctor, studying in India, learned that cannabis relieved stomach pain. Afterward, doctors routinely prescribed cannabis for all sorts of ailments.

3. Slang

Did you know there are hundreds of slang words associated with cannabis? Everyone knows the terms weed, ganja, grass and pot. A marijuana cigarette may be referred to as a left-hander, blunt or joint. Newbies may not know that a left-hander is a blunt. Further, blunts and joints aren’t the same things. A blunt is usually made by putting weed into gutted cigars or cigarillos. One makes a joint by putting weed in rolling paper. A spliff refers to a joint that contains tobacco and marijuana.

4. Cannabis Survival

There will still be cannabis after a nuclear war. There’s a doomsday seed safe so mankind will not lose the plants needed for survival. Over 20,000 cannabis seeds from around the world are kept in the insulated chamber. The safe is kept in Svalbard, an archipelago near the North Pole.

5. Cannabis Milkshake

A cannabis drink called bhang is popular in rural India. Indeed, bhang has been around for thousands of years. Bhang was used for medicinal purposes and the drink supposedly increases the libido. Bhang is easy to made by mixing water, cannabis, warm milk and several spices together.

6. Cannabis and Radiation

Cannabis absorbs radiation and the best example is the Chernobyl site. Scientists planted cannabis at the site. Amazingly, the plants removed a great deal of radiation through a process called phytoremediation.

7. Cannabis As a Sacrament

Rastafarians consider cannabis a sacrament in the religion. Bob Marley was the most well-known Rastafarian and never smoked weed for recreation. Marley was buried with his guitar and a cannabis bud.

8. Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was murdered and cremated in 1996. There were rumors that his ashes were mixed with weed and smoked. Members of his group, the Young Outlawz, confirmed the rumor years later. The group did the deed at a party on the beach. The fare included some of Shakur’s favorite foods including orange soda and chicken wings.

9. The Bard

Historians speculate that Shakespeare was often stoned when he wrote. Four pipes excavated from his garden contained cannabis. Further, he mentions “invention in a noted weed” in one of his sonnets.

10. Growing Weed is Bad for the Environment

Cannabis growth can be bad for the environment. Experts say the amount of energy necessary to grow 2.2 pounds of weed is equal to that required to drive a car across the U.S. five times. It takes a lot of grow lights to get the job done.

These are some great anecdotes to use in conversation. Your friends will be amazed. Do your own research and see if you find more odd facts about cannabis.