10 years of Google Ads campaigns

Last week I finished another annual Google Ads certification, and I was thinking about how much everything has changed from 2004 when I first heard the word “AdWords” to 2014 when I decided to bring together my passion for digital marketing, love of numbers and penchant for understanding business.

On the day of the final certification, I decided to start writing this odd sort of blog, which has always “gone against” my paid search nature, to share some real case studies of customers managed, some consulting advice, tips and various thoughts.

10 wonderful years – going from managing small local campaigns for next to nothing to becoming a Google Partner and member of the Google Ads Product Research Team with clients all over Europe, and often hanging the “fully booked” sign when we reached the limit of clients we manage at one time.

Because one of the peculiarities of Biriwuanga Google Ads Consulting Specialist is that I am the only person on the team who manages all the campaigns, and I am the only contact with our clients.

From the beginning, I did not want to have tier 1 and tier 2 customers.

I have never liked the idea that an economically “uninteresting” client could be treated differently and their strategy and campaigns be managed at a junior level. My fantastic international team backs me up with Google Tag Manager and market, competitor and behavioural analysis.

Another particularity that we have always stood by and will continue to stand by forever is the freedom of decision of both parties, which is why we never make minimum permanence contracts. Why do so if all my clients get positive ROI, and we have clients who have been with us for 10 years?

For these and other reasons, I consider myself more of a Google Ads consultant with expert team support than the classic agency with several account managers.

10 years, with several thousand campaigns created and managed, remarketing, reports, analysis, CTR and CPA improvements, testing, visits and meetings at Google in Dublin, Ireland, talks with other SEM experts, sleepless nights with my dev team, Google Meets at all hours and in all possible and imaginable places, and books, so many books.

10 years of Google Ads campaigns, 10 years of the word I love most in this world: conversions.

Today, I happily consider myself a Google Ads Specialist. Because for me, it’s not just about being a Google Partner and generating clients and sales for my clients. For me, managing and advising on Google Ads is a passion without limits. For me, it’s about being an entrepreneur and understanding other entrepreneurs, understanding what stage the client is in when they contact me, from small startups to multinationals. For me, it’s about being a support for other companies, the ace up the sleeve of directors and marketing managers of companies across Europe, because I can’t sleep peacefully without monitoring all the campaigns and having the to-do list at zero.

One thing I’ve learned over the last 10 years is that specialisation creates excellence: a key phrase that I always use when I advise my clients, and that is a reality in every sense. Do one thing, choose one product or service, and do it incredibly well.

On to the next conversion!