123movies4u is a website that lets you watch the latest and the hottest movies and TV shows absolutely free. You won’t have to register or sign up for an account, and you need not spend a single dime to see films in HD.

There’s no doubt that 123movies4u is one of the best sites for watching free movies online. However, even the best and most popular websites go down every now and then. Does this mean that you’ll have to wait or keep searching online for 123movies4u og? Should you check if you have 123movies4u unblocked to enjoy free movies on the internet?

Thankfully, there are alternative sites you can visit when 123Movies goes down for server maintenance, migration or any other reason. The good thing is that a number of other free movie sites have unique features that enhance the overall viewing experience. Any of our top picks can easily become your favorite new entertainment streaming platform for watching blockbuster movies or the latest top shows today. If perhaps a movie-streaming site’s interface or layout is just not your style, then you can simply hop on to the next option until you find the perfect platform.

123movies4u Alternative Websites

1. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is a solid, stable option for when you need to watch movies on your computer or mobile phone. An upgrade means searches are more accurate than ever; simply type in the name of the TV show or the movie and you’ll get a list of related video content. If you’re looking for a new show to watch, then you can browse at the suggested content at the top or bottom section at the main page.

Like 123movies4u, you can start viewing the latest movies that are showing in theaters and the latest TV shows on syndicated networks such as Disney. If you’re always on IMDB looking at top lists, then you’ll find SolarMovie a one-stop shop for seeing the recommended lists. There’s even a “You May Also Like” area where you can continue watching similar-themed shows one after the other.

The site’s video player offers several viewing options such as Lights Off and Auto Next.

2. GOMovies 2.0

GOMovies 2.0

There’s no shortage of good shows and movies to watch when you head to GOMovies 2.0. Aside from having the latest movies, there’s also a wealth of features that are sure to please movie afficionados and show bingers all over the world.

GoMovies 2.0 is one of the few free movie streaming sites that have the same content as 123movies4u Hindi. You can choose content on Trending, Now Playing, Top IMDB, Genre, and Country on the fly. The website is noticeably faster as compared to its predecessor in terms of video loading and server caching. If you’re not satisfied with the buffer aspect, simply switch to another server to get the best experience. GOMovies caters to binge-watchers as it allows easy navigation to and from episodes.

You get excellent picture quality and closed captioning to boot. There’s even a speed up or slow down option included in the site’s native player.

3. Fmovies


Fmovies is a great alternative when 123movies4u.me goes offline. The streaming movie website puts out crystal clear HD content of your favorite movies and TV shows. If you want to watch the latest films without having to download anything, then Fmovies should be your go-to platform.

Featuring a user-friendly interface with plenty of choices as soon as you enter it, Fmovies shows off its Most Favorited, Hot This Month, Hot This Week and Recommended list in an ordered structure. The default viewing screen is exceptionally large and has a number of unique features, including the ability to Cast to TV and an Auto Play option.

Best of all, you can connect with like-minded individuals at the bottom area of each show and movie you’re currently watching. Post comments, read, reply and discuss the merits of each content you watch online. You can even share via Facebook or Twitter for a complete experience.

4. Yesmovies


Yes! Movies have an easy to remember site name with a good structure that’s conducive for movie watching at home or on the go. The addition of the News section might be questionable for some, but it really adds up to a seamless viewing experience. Get inside and you can browse through well-written articles for ideas on what to watch- 21 Upcoming Horror Movies, 5 Top Sci-Fi Movies, and Underappreciated Suspense Flicks are just some of the things you’ll find here. Chances are, you’ll discover great movies that you never realized was there.

The native video player is much like the same as 123movies. You can change video quality, switch to Dark Mode, speed up or slow down playback rate, go Full Screen and rewind 10 seconds at a time. Once you’re done watching you can share your thoughts or add to the ones already posted in Yesmovies comments section.

5. AZMovies


Watch all the movies you want without spending a single dime. In AZMovies, pick out the film among the list, click it and sit back while the video loads.

AZMovies has arranged their video content into categories such as Featured, Recently Added, Year, Genre and more. The free movie site even has its own Reddit page where you can check out the latest content additions within the streaming platform. It’s an excellent addition when you need to do some exploring outside your preferred genre.

The video player is pretty straightforward without being burdened by extra features. This allows the site to load up your next TV series quickly and without lags or interruptions. English subs are by default enabled until you switch them off. Better yet, you get a pristine movie watching experience that’s free of ads and annoying pop-ups. AZMovies is the platform to visit if you want a no-nonsense free movie website.

6. Putlockers


Putlockers is an embarrassment of riches in terms of choice. It rivals 123movies in terms of watchable selections, divided up into several helpful categories such as Most Popular, Latest or Trending. You can do a search by Release Year or Genre at the top right area or go with the flow and see what the others are watching.

If you’re tired of subpar servers lagging and constantly buffering your favorite streaming content, then you’ll love Putlockers. It has a dedicated GDrive server for almost all its movies and TV shows; you can set it to that server for a more enjoyable, buffer-less experience. The video player is YouTube-esque in terms of having a subtitle, full screen, tracking line, video quality, and speed options.

As with all free movie sites in the list, Putlockers doesn’t require signups or registrations. You can watch movies and TV series for as long as you like without interruptions.

7. MovieGo


MovieGo is for those who want to watch premium, subscription-based movies and TV shows found in Netflix, Sky Atlantic, Showtime, CW and Hulu without ever paying a monthly fee. You won’t need to download anything either!

The site interface is optimized for displaying as much content as possible. You can view selections in the Genre or start going through offerings in the Blu-Ray, WEB-DL, Latest Movies, and the IMAX 3D section. If you’re into TV series, then it’s off to the Series page and browsing through whole episodes in one single page. The video player is adequate and has the usual buttons for rewinding, skipping, going full screen, etc. You can control video quality (from 480 to 720p, if available) and enable subtitles for total immersion.

MovieGo is an established free movie website that rarely goes down. It’s a solid choice if you have a few hours for entertainment.

8. SeeHD


SeeHD is a good alternative for popular movie sites such as 123movies og because it’s optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. Navigate through familiar territory and get what you’re looking for in the Years, Genre or Advanced sections. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, browse in the Adult 18+, TV Series and Movies 2018 to discover hidden gems within.

A long view form displays the video player smack dab in the middle of your screen. You’ll have to scroll up or down to navigate through episodes or similar Recommended films. The player hosts several useful options such as Full Screen, Video Quality, Server Name, and audio language. Afterwards, you can continue watching similar content or try out a different genre.

Enjoy watching movies and TV shows for absolutely free? SeeHD is a reliable website that’s always updated with the latest movies, even showing ones that are still playing in the theatres.

9. 123Movies


123movies4u down? Don’t worry. You can try 123Movies and it will feel like the same site, down to the native video player and the constantly updated listings.

The web interface is easy to navigate whether you’re using your phone or a laptop. You can enter the movie title or browse through Movies, TV Series, Featured, Country and Genre. Want more options? You got it- simply click on “Browse Old 123Movies” and you get full lists and movies you can watch, divided into helpful categories.

The servers are stable and put out a decent clip depending on the quality of your internet connection. You can enable or disable closed captioning, speed up the playback or turn off distracting content via the “Turn Off Light” button. You can join in the discussion by heading to the Comments Section or read up on extra information regarding the movie or show you just watched.

10. DeepMovie


DeepMovie has a deep library consisting or rare videos and movies coming from Asian, Cinema and New Release origins. You can use the newer, cleaner search-style format or opt for the “Classic View”, where you can browse Suggestions, Most Viewed, Most Favorited, Recommended, Genre and Year.

If you’re more of an old-school kind of guy who wants to watch all-time favorites across genres (Wild West, Romance, Action, etc.), then you’ll love DeepMovie. Quality is better in this platform as there’s an option to crank up the videos to full HD and a plethora of bells and whistles to improve the viewing experience. You can Switch Off Light, turn captions on or off and have the ability to cast to a smart TV for bigger screens and better immersion.

Video quality similar to that of Netflix, Disney and Hollywood movies in cinemas. What more can you ask for? Best of all, it’s free!

Disclaimer: This article is strictly for sharing and educational purposes only. In an effort to show the best alternative sites like 123movies4u, we have listed websites that provide a free movie experience. Keep in mind that we do not support these streaming movie and TV show sites in any way and we’re not affiliated with them, nor do we promote sharing copyrighted movies in any medium or form.