Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading and Without a Membership

Got plenty of time to watch the best movies but don’t want to pay for Netflix or a movie ticket? Why not use that cash for popcorn instead? Presenting the 10 best sites to watch free movies online without downloading and without a membership.

You can take advantage of these free online movie streaming sites without having a membership that put out the latest movies in HD.

Simply type the URL, browse the latest titles, and sit back and enjoy the movie absolutely free!

All these streaming movie websites offer various content, including Indian and Bollywood movies, Korean shows, UK series, and Australian videos.

So, what are you waiting for? Start watching free movies online without downloading for free without a membership and thank us later.

10 Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading and Without a Membership

1. SolarMovie


Solarmoviez has recently gotten an upgrade which leans towards a more streamlined, hassle-free movie experience. Instead of a list of movies and TV shows to browse, you get treated to a Google-like search field interface, which means you can get to where you need to go in fewer clicks. Or, you can click at the links at the top or bottom to get the familiar menu.

The latest movies and TV shows will be shown first. Hovering your mouse over the picture gives you the IMDB rating, a synopsis, country and genre. Tapping on the Play link gets you to the main setup. Movie lovers will be delighted to find a “You May Also Like” section at the bottom area, which you can use to continue watching similar content. There are Disney shows for children as well.

Extra features in-view make for an enjoyable experience to do free online movie streaming without sign up. There’s even an Auto Next option so you won’t have to get off the couch.

2. GOMovies 2.0

GOMovies 2.0

GOMovies 2.0 is the faster version of GOMovies. Upon entering the site, you’re given a plethora of free high quality video entertainment to choose from. Even the latest movies that are still in theaters are available in glorious HD!

You can browse by several helpful categories, including Country, Genre, Top IMDB, Now Playing and Trending. Dig in deeper and there’s some classic collection of movies and some obscure ones listed in an A-Z format. The website is lightning fast and has a nice video player, to boot. You can choose from the many streaming servers if you experience constant buffering. Navigating through multiple seasons is a snappy affair- simply scroll down to find similar content, and click on the link to resume watching.

Picture quality is outstanding and there’s an option for closed captioning. Those who do TV marathons will be happy to know that there’s a speed feature within the native video player.

3. Fmovies


Fmovies is a no-nonsense, allowing you to watch free streaming movies online in HD that packs plenty of features for the power watcher. For one, you can start watching free movies online without downloading or signing up or surveys or paying for anything. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can binge on popular movies, even on mobile.

Greeting you are all the latest and greatest films that you can watch immediately. Scroll down and you can browse through Recommended, Hot This Week, Hot This Month and Most Favorited. You’ll be treated to a large viewing screen and a robust video player that can Cast videos to Chromecast-enabled TVs, get to full screen mode and auto play in a single click.

Fmovies also has a thriving community found in the Comments section. You can comment, reply or add to discussions of a particular movie or TV series by typing in the blank field. Tweeting or sharing via Facebook is available as well.

4. Yesmovies


Yes! Movies follows the same user-friendly formula as with the best free, no download streaming sites out there on the web. What Yesmovies does better is the addition of the News feature- clicking on it sends you to a section that has list-type articles, i.e., 20 Underappreciated Horror Flicks From the 90s, 5 Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2017 and 21 Upcoming Horror Movies for 2018. It’s an excellent feature for those who are want to try a new genre or for stumbling on an undiscovered gem.

The native video player is the same one that SolarMovie uses. You’ll be able to customize video quality, playback speed and even Rewind 10 seconds. Switch to full screen or Turn Off light for a more immersive viewing experience. Afterwards, you can join in on the discussion by commenting or by finding the next movie to watch on the “You May Also Like” section. Thanks to “Yes! Movies”, you can watch HD movies online for free with full movies and no membership required.

5. AZMovies


AZMovies advertises that you can watch great movies without any limits. Just pick out any flick you want, then wait until the video player loads. It’s that easy!

The collection of movies are divided into helpful categories, including Genre, Year, Recently Added and Featured. Believe it or not, there’s even a link that leads you to AZMovies very own Reddit page. Inside, you can see the latest movie additions and their respective links within the AZMovies website. With AZMovies, you can stream new movies online for free and no membership needed. It’s a thoughtful addition for movie aficionados who are also frequent Reddit visitors.

Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading and Without a MembershipThe native video player is large and has sparse options, but it’s responsive and loads your movie quickly. English subtitles are automatically shown unless you disable them in the menu. If you’re looking for a free movie site that does all the right things, give AZMovies a shot. There aren’t any annoying pop-up ads or commercials to mar your watching experience here.

6. Putlockers


What Putlockers lack in terms of aesthetic design it more than makes up with massive content. You can join what others are watching in Trending, go straight to the latest movies or binge on the most popular TV shows.

You can do a search by Genre, Release Year or use the Search field on the top right part of the site. Putlockers is one of the few websites that have video files stored on GDrive for a buffer-less experience. The native video player is much like YouTube’s- there’s a Settings button for controlling speed, video quality and Subtitles, a tracking line and a Full Screen option.

Best of all, there’s no registration page and no sign ups to speak of. There aren’t any intrusive ads and you can watch with minimal interruption. Putlockers is a no-frills version of your favorite streaming site. Buffering is non-existent as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

7. MovieGo


MovieGo has a very impressive collection of TV shows originally from subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu, The CW, Showtime and Sky Atlantic. It’s sure to be your go-to site when you want to watch free movies online without downloading!

Everything is laid out for you as soon as you enter the site. You can get to quickly navigating Genres as they’re shown at the right side or search particulars such as IMAX 3D, Latest Movies, WEB-DL and BluRay quality. For TV series, you get the whole set of episodes along with release dates in one page. You can also get to the episodes list to skip and rewind as you like.

The native video player is filled with useful features for better watching enjoyment. You can set the video quality to 360, 480 or 720 (if available), enable or disable subtitles in different languages and get to fullscreen mode.

8. SeeHD

SeeHD puts the latest movies within easy reach from your computer or mobile phone. At the top you can browse via Genres, Years or Advanced; in the middle area you’ll find Adult 18+, Movies 2018, TV Series and Genres laid out on a line. Navigating to where you need to be only takes a few taps or mouse clicks.

You’ll be treated to a longview, with the native video player in the middle part of the screen. This is what sets SeeHD apart from other free movie websites. Aside from the usual plethora of video options (video quality, server and full screen) you also get to choose the audio language and server. After the movie, you can view Related Movies at the bottom to continue your binge.

Watching free movies online has never been easier. SeeHD is the site to bookmark if you’re fond of watching entertaining content all day for free.

9. 123Movies


123Movies is such a catchy name for a free movie website that you won’t forget it anytime soon. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it’s updated constantly, even changing web themes such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. to fit in with the occasion.

You can enter the movie or the TV series you want to watch and get there with a mouse click, or browse through what 123Movies has to offer by heading to the Genres, Country, Featured, Movies, TV Series and whatnot. There’s even an option to go to the old 123Movies format if you prefer it old-school style.

The native video player puts out a steady stream of entertainment. You can speed it up to 2x, or enable closed captioning to get all that’s being said. You can also eliminate distractions by clicking on the Turn Off Light feature. Afterwards, you can post a comment below for your fellow 123Movies users.

10. DeepMovie


Watch new release movies online for free without signing up at DeepMovie. DeepMovies specializes in new release, asian and cinema movies that are displayed in high definition. You can do a quick search, Google-style or head to the classic format and browse through categories such as Country, Year and Genre, or follow Suggestions, Recommended, Most Favorited and Most Viewed.

DeepMovie’s library is deep; if you’re hankering for old, classic movies or obscure, little-known gems, chances are that you’ll find it here. Video quality is actually higher as compared to other streaming sites on the list. You can watch the latest movies in full HD, or 1080p resolution and customize the viewing experience according to your specifications. You can cast the movie to a Chromecast-enabled TV and turn the captions on, or tap the Turn Off Light and watch straight from your computer or mobile phone.

Enjoy crystal clear footage without paying a single penny. DeepMovie is sure to be your next favorite website!

In case these websites are blocked with you, you can try getting them unblocked without a VPN or Proxy by reading this article.

Disclaimer: These websites host copyrighted movies and we don’t support them in any way. This list of 10 best websites to watch free movies was made for educational purposes only.