2014 Soccer Pet Predictions iPhone App

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2014 Soccer Pet Predictions is an iPhone app developed by Christian Delgado Serrano. This interesting app is most likely to appeal to young soccer fans.

Here’s how this cute little app works. You need to guess which team will win the World Cup in Brazil for 2014. The app features “fortune-telling” pets, who will help you to predict the end results of each of the football matches.

Choose the match you want to predict from Brazil 2014, then choose your favorite pet and obtain the end result of the match. You get points for every correct guess.

2014 Soccer Pet Predictions iPhone App 2014 Soccer Pet Predictions iPhone App

This app is definitely a bit cutesy and silly, and is most likely to appeal to kids or those without a fanatic interest in the World Cup.

Each character has their own animations and music. There are five main characters in the app: Paul the octopus, Einstein the parrot, Jackie the kangaroo, Wushu, the psychic mantis, and King Drogon, the dragon that predicts the future. Each has their own attitude and prediction patterns.

2014 Soccer Pet Predictions iPhone App 2014 Soccer Pet Predictions iPhone App

As of this writing, the most recent version of this app is Version 1.2. This update dropped on June 17th. This update includes animation improvements for every pet, a new character, bug fixes, and the introduction of push notifications. That latter feature will either drive you nuts or make you much happier.

While this app certainly won’t appeal to all stripes of the football fandom, this app is a cute addition to the world of apps that have sprung up around the World Cup this year. There are some translation issues here and there, but this app has a strong personality and it is an interesting addition to the App Store.

2014 Soccer Pet Predictions requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. 2014 Soccer Pet Predictions isn’t only available on iOS: you can also get this app for Android devices on the Google Play store.