3 Kinds of Media That You Can Watch in 8K

Thinking of investing in the latest 8K TVs? Congratulations- you’re an early adopter to a bright future in display technology.

The more immediate concern after purchasing the latest and greatest TV is this- what kind of content can you watch in 8K?

8K is a New Technology

8K resolution is an upgrade over 4K resolution, which was introduced several years ago. Being that it’s recent, most of the devices we have do not support viewing in native 8K.

Also, most of the content you can watch are upscaled from lower resolutions, such as 4K or even full HD- they won’t appear native 8K and may appear to be blurry or blocky in some areas.

Games, videos and films are yet to adapt to 8K, but there are already a few content you can use to experience 8K in its full glory.


YouTube hosts a number of different resolutions ranging from 360p to the highest, which is 8K. When the platform detects that your device can play 8K, the option will appear on the video settings.

On a computer you’ll be able to watch landscape footage of Norway and Japan at 8K video at 60fps, or frames per second.

Upscaled Content

Sites such as ดูหนัง 8k-movie host interesting selections of movies that you can play in upscaled 8K. You can browse through the website and find the one you like, then sit back and enjoy the crystal clear video.

Video Games

PC games are at the forefront when it comes to clear graphics and the latest video tech, so it comes to no surprise that you can theoretically play PC games on an 8K TV or similar display.

8K requires HDMI 2.1, and no graphic cards has it yet. Also, DisplayPort 1.4 is limited. New-gen gaming consoles however, show promise in that they may produce output in 8K.