4 Reasons to Choose Legitimate and Licensed OS for your Online Business

Operating systems such as Windows and macOS form the backbone of computers, which in turn power online businesses and enterprises. Here are four reasons why you should opt to get legitimate software for your office or business computers.

Access to Updates and New Features

The most obvious benefit to getting a real license for Windows 11 Pro is that you’re kept in the loop when it comes to new features and updates. As long as the operating system isn’t phased out, you can expect to get important updates, especially for often-used apps such as Microsoft Word, Excel and OneNote when you get an Office 2021 Professional Plus, for example.

Your Computer Stays Secure

Businesses should be wary about using OS’es from unknown sources or suppliers. That copy of Windows or Mac may come cheap, but you may have to pay for it later on when your devices are hacked and precious data gets stolen.

That said, you should get your Mac Office softwares from a reputable source. The same goes for enterprises running Windows 10 Pro – choose a trusted UK based company so you won’t have to worry about security later on.

Complete Access to Software and Apps

Working the same as access to features and updates, you’d get the complete package with an Office 2019 Professional Plus if it’s licensed and acknowledged by Microsoft. If you expect to get the full range of apps on Windows and macOS then you should visit the DLS Software website.

Get Timely Support

Last but not least, every legitimate operating system comes with customer care and support if ever you have concerns. You’ll be able to submit reports when an app crashes or when your computer suddenly stops working. Unlike OS’es from dubious sources, you can actually contact an official representative to get help or post in the official Windows or Mac forum.