4 Tips for Keeping Your Remote Team Motivated

Many people were used to the idea of working from home, but most are being forced to learn the skills during the quarantine. Even though some professionals might’ve thought it’s going to be very easy, they are facing many challenges every day.

You might have made some promises to your clients that are becoming harder to keep, since your team may seem much less productive and enthusiastic. Fortunately, there are a few things that might help you fix the situation. The following four tactics can help you achieve your goal.

Help Them Manage Their Time

One of the major problems that remote workers have is time management. It’s much easier to work in an office where everyone else is focusing on work too, but they are too many distractions in every home. Even if no one in the house disturbs your team members, they might be distracted with the internet.

That is why you need to work with them and tell them about the importance of time management. You should work with your team members and create goals. Try to help them figure out what is causing the problems, and find out ways to fix those issues.

Keep Up With Each Member

Everyone on your team is probably a very social person, and which is why they are struggling to work remotely. No matter how much a social person says they can handle it, long-term isolation can be very challenging.

If you want to lessen this psychological toll on your team members, then you need to keep up with them more often. You have to be very careful with this, as they might feel like you are crossing a boundary. That’s why you should only try to occasionally get in touch through various kinds of apps, whether it’s through messaging or call. You can also arrange group meetings for the members to talk to each other.

Pay Them on Time

No matter what you try to do for them, money is always going to the number one aspect that can change everything. Although you are legally bound to, paying your team on time is among the best ways to show them your appreciation. You don’t only have to send it through the bank, as you can get a money order near you pretty much anywhere you are and mail it to your team members.

You need to understand that they need the cash to survive, especially if they are the sole provider in their house. You should also remember that they will take their skills somewhere else if you can’t provide on time.

Avoid Micromanaging

Working remotely is quite a challenging task that only a few can adequately handle. That is why you might be inclined to keep checking on your team to make sure everything is going well. However, you need to trust your team during this time and give them their space.

While you should clearly define responsibilities, deadlines, and expectations, you need to give them some space to work. You should not micromanage them, as they might get distracted and feel disrespected.

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