4 Ways to Earn Money by Simply Playing Games

Nowadays, people can play games not just to pass the time but to make money. What was considered a hobby is now a legitimate way to earn cash online.

Here are 4 ways to earn simply by playing:

Pick a Casino Game You’re Good At

Casinos are well-known establishments where large amounts of money are won and lost every night. This fact holds true to online casinos, albeit at a more convenient aspect.

To make money, all you need is to find a legitimate online platform register and start playing a game, like the Baccarat SSGAME350. If you’re new to the game, watch a few tutorial videos and create a test account so you won’t lose real money while learning the ropes.

Try Gamesville

Gamesville is among a trend where players can get points for playing, then exchanging them for real money, gift cards or other rewards. XY Gaming is another platform but has a different mechanic- you challenge opponents and gain points via victories.

To make money consistently you will need to practice and become better at the game. Enter tournaments so you can get acclimated to the scene and get a taste of the competition.

Play on Twitch or YouTube

Gain an audience by playing on game-centric social media channels such as YouTube and Twitch and you can make money by donations, views and advertisements.

For this setup you’ll need a good webcam, a screen capture card and a YouTube or Twitch account. You can play live or upload recordings of highlights and new strategies you’ve discovered in the game.

Become a Game Tester

Game companies and developers may need game testers to root out bugs and glitches before they’re officially released. You get to earn money and play a game; however, they get to choose what game you’ll be playing.