5 Best Tips to Improve Internet Speed While Binging Netflix, Hulu, HBO and More

Buffering issues? Below I will provide you five best tips to enhance internet speed and avoid irritating pauses while streaming your favorite content.

Things start getting normalize after months of coronavirus outbreak. However, many people are still avoiding going out and spending time binging their favorite on different streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, and more. And according to Nielsen Total Audience Report, video streaming consumption increased from 19% in fourth quarter 2019 to 25% in second quarter 2020. This means too much load on the internet, primarily if your roommates or family members work from home. And because of all these reasons, now you are facing endless buffering issues that ruin your binging experience.

But there is a hope to improve your internet speed and avoid low-quality video and buffering issues by following these tried and tested 5 tips:

1. Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router or Hub

Still, using the Wi-Fi router that comes free from your internet service provider? If yes, then I would suggest changing it with a better smart router, and you will see a significant increase in internet speed. The routers that are usually provided by ISPs are of lousy quality. This means low signals range and connectivity issues. And there is no surety that the router is of good quality even your provider is charging for it. I was also using the same router provided by internet service, but I upgraded it after facing buffering issues. And believe me or not, my internet speed has gone up by almost 23%. This happens because the new router offers a good range that I didn’t get with my previous router. If you don’t know which router to pick, I would recommend going for a router that offers a 5GHz range, which is more than double compared to basic Wi-Fi, which provides 2.4GHz. This will enhance your internet speed as you get better signals in every corner of your house.

2. Use Reliable Proxy or VPN Services to Watch Geo-Block Content

Using a proxy or VPN service slower your internet speed to access your favorite content on US Netflix or geo-block streaming services like Hulu and HBO Max from abroad. This happens because a proxy or VPN service changes your local IP address with the one where the streaming service is available such as a US server. But you can still avoid slower connections while binging geo-block content by using premium VPN services that offer optimized servers for streaming. Don’t know which VPN or proxy server to choose? ScreenBinge offers all the solutions to unblock all your favorite geo-block content from anywhere abroad and the best VPNs for streaming that do not slower your connection to binge without any buffering.

3. Change Your Router Location

Changing your Wi-Fi router location could help a lot in improving internet speed. See where your router is located? Is it near the floor or on it? In a storeroom cabinet? Basement? Or at the far corner of your house? If your router is placed in any of these kinds of locations, there is a high chance you are getting limited signals and speed. This is true that Wi-Fi signals get through walls, but setting up high on the wall, with fewer walls in between, and near to the place where you are binging will make a huge difference in internet speed.

Additionally, if your router has antennas, placing them correctly can also help to improve internet speed. Here is the tip: one horizontal and the other one vertical. Simply put, lesser the distance between your Wi-Fi router and streaming device increases the internet signals.

4. Go for Standard Video Quality

If you are streaming your favorite content on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, I would recommend standard video quality instead of HD or 4K videos. Reason? Most of the mobile devices do not support HD or 4k. So there is no point in streaming 4K videos on mobile devices and give a tough time to internet speed, which leads to buffering issues to eternity.  

5. Prefer Ethernet Over Wi-Fi Connection While Binging

When it comes to streaming, Ethernet is more reliable than Wi-Fi connection, gamers know it especially when all your family members are using the internet at once. When multiple people are using the internet, Wi-Fi can be slow because of the walls. On the other hand, an Ethernet or wired connection is fast. It doesn’t get slower because of barriers and distance from the router. And I know the Ethernet can be irritating, and you don’t get the luxury of sitting anywhere you want while streaming. Still, it is one of the best ways to avoid video lag and continuous buffering issues.