5 SEO Trends for 2022

Every website owner who’s done SEO before will know that it’s a constantly evolving process. As such, there are trends to follow as we head into 2022.

Tailor your strategy to match these 5 SEO trends for 2022.

Mobile-Friendly Sites

The trend of search is such that people will continue to look for what they need on their smartphones. This year won’t be any different, and as long as mobile is the most-used device it’s here to stay.

Google and other search giants are adopting a mobile-first approach, and this means they will give priority sites that are mobile-friendly. To become a part of this you should start optimizing your site to look good on a smaller screen. SEO Geelong can make this happen and allow you to rank up higher.

Google Discover

We’ve gotten a peek of Google Discover, which is a curated content that appears on your smartphone or tablet. The content is based on the user’s browsing habits and search behavior, and it’s not too hard to be a part of people’s feeds.

To become visible in Google Discover, you can add visuals and have a cover photo to meet the bare requirements. Targeted content is next- craft well-written articles with relevant photos so you have a greater chance to reach qualified leads.

Speed is Key

Page speed is always considered an essential part of SEO. This year won’t be any different. Fast website experiences are always best for the viewer, and for this reason Google has a unique tool that measures your page speed and how responsive it is for visitors.

Aside from page speed optimization you can look to SEO Newcastle and take stock on which elements you need to compress and improve. When you have a great-looking website that loads properly you’ll tend to attract a higher ranking and more traffic.

Branching Out to Different Mediums

The remarkable thing about search is that it evolves with its users. Where for the last decade it was all about text, this time it’s about voice, visual and images.

With the proliferation of voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, people can now search online without having to look at their screen. They can also take a picture and have their devices identify them.

Optimizing for voice search may require a bit of research and hiring an SEO Central Coast, but you’ll be ahead of the competition and therefore get a greater piece of the traffic pie.

Content In All Forms

Content is still king even in 2022. Nowadays, the focus is on refreshing existing content and creating ‘evergreen’ articles that help your readers and provide a way to solve their problems.

Refreshing or updating content makes it appear on current search results. It’s a relatively easy way to gain more traffic and revenue and you’ll get your money’s worth. A focus on articles that will still be relevant 3, 5 years from now will surely get you the nod in terms of search rankings. Evergreen content answers the most common questions in your niche or industry.