5 Tips for accountants to stay productive in this lockdown

The cases of COVID 19 around the world are growing exponentially and it has certainly taken the world by storm. Many countries in the world are in a state of lockdown which has brought the economy of almost all countries to a pin drop of silence. The whole world is fighting against the pandemic and at the same time, each people is facing their daily struggles. Under such circumstances, it has now become a norm for most companies to work from home. The most basic necessity that you need to work at home is a laptop and you can check laptops for accounting compared here. In this article, we have come up with some tips for the accountants that will certainly help them to stay productive in this lockdown.

Tips to Implement for Staying Productive in the Lockdown

The following are some essential tips that you must follow for staying productive for your company during this lockdown period:

1. Creative Planning:

As an accountant, you have to complete your task on time and as such, it is very essential to create a calendar and make a creative plan and stick to it. You must pen down the tentative time that you will require to complete a certain task. Though you are working from home you should not get rid of your habit of getting up at your normal time. If you go to sleep and wake up at the same time your body will be well-rested and rejuvenated which will help you to work properly.

2. Attend Virtual Events:

Accountants generally remain busy and as such, they hardly get time to attend any events. But during this lockdown period, they will get enough opportunity to attend various kinds of virtual events like webinars and workshops that the other organizations and universities are conducting. Since you can attend such events from the comfort of your home and there is no question of traveling.

3. Revitalize the Skills:

In this lockdown, self-guidance is very vital and as an accountant, you need to concentrate on your merit that will emerge as the greatest benefactors. There are many value-adding, short-term as well as free online courses that you can join to enhance your skill. 

4. Revisit the Shelved Project:

You can dig up those data that you had collected once but could not implement due to shortage of time. Since you now have ample time it is an ideal period for you to dig out those forgotten data that you had collected once and check if you can figure out anything from those data. Sometimes the fresh perspective may help you to come up with some great ideas. Apart from that, you can check various types of newly published data that may help you to come up with some new ideas. You can also make a few changes to reviving the old project.

5. Socialize with Colleagues:

Some of the biggest problems that most people face while working from home are loneliness, disconnect, and isolation from the other employees of the company. That is the reason why nowadays most companies have now come up with a remote work culture that helps you to socialize. For example, some companies have come up with channels in a team messaging app like Slack with the help of which the team members can talk about the common interests. Some employees are very introverted and do not like to socialize but still, they should give some time to such a team messaging app so that they can become familiar with the other team member.          


These are some ways with the help of which you as an accountant can remain productive while on the lockdown period. No one has a definite idea about how long the lockdown period will remain and when we can get rid of the COVID 10 pandemic situation. Hence, it is very essential to continue the remote work. Generally, while working from a remote location people do not figure out work where to work or when to work, or how to create boundaries between personal and professional life while working but it has now become absolutely necessary to stay productive in this lockdown period.