5 Tips to Improve Your Condo’s Air Quality

Air quality in a condo is the quality of the air you and your family members breathe in. To prevent allergy and ashtma attacks, here are five tips you can follow.

Get an Air Filter or Purifier

The easiest way to improve your Grand Dunman condo air quality is to invest in the latest air purifier or filter. These are standalone appliances that take the current air in and pass it through a filter, bringing fresh air out. The capacity of the air filter will depend on the size of the room or condo- the bigger the room, the more robust your air purifier should be.

Clean the House Regularly

Cleaning should be done once a week at the very least. This practice lifts up the dust and sweeps the dirt out of your house. Make it a point to wipe the surfaces and pay attention to the corners as well.

Open the Windows Once in a While

A good, low-cost way to instantly improve the quality of your condo’s air and atmosphere is to open the windows. Stale air inside will go out, and fresh air from the outside will go in.

Upgrade to a Smart AC

Most newer smart air conditioners will have a purifying system in place to trap and eliminate pollens, allergens, and volatile compounds. If your AC doesn’t have this yet, you might want to consider a new one when you’re about to move into a condo unit.

Smoke or Vape Outside

Smoke and other pollutants can quickly deteriorate the air inside a room. When viewing the Grand Dunman showflat you can see if there’s a balcony that you can smoke or vape in. The smoke won’t get in your condo and contaminate the air inside your house. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the ash that could float around and settle in the corners.