5 Ways To Improve Engagement on Instagram

Instagram traffic and increasing your following are widely related to the engagement rate of your content on the platform. Improving engagement can be transformative for your Instagram account as it will not only help bring in true followers but will also help bring out more of your unique self and business on social media.

If you want to improve engagement online then following the 5 tips outlined below will help drive up your engagement rate as well as your online following.

1. Use everything that Instagram has to offer

Instagram is no longer the photo-sharing app that it used to be. From IGTV to Stories, to Lives and now Reels there are many ways of sharing on the platform. Most popular creators use all of the features available to maximize their reach and potential.

The more active that your account is, the more engagement you will receive. As more and more people engage with your content you are sure to see an increase in your following.

2. Utilize captions and hashtags

Captions have become a huge factor in Instagram engagement rates. This is because through them you can directly communicate with your followers. Your captions can be thoughtful, engaging, thought-provoking, or artistic but more importantly, they can help breed a discussion between your followers. As more people comment on your posts the more your posts will increase in popularity.

Similarly, using well-researched and engaging hashtags can help expand the reach of your content as they will appear in the feed of more and more people. Using hashtags is not about quantity but rather quality so make sure to use ones that have high traction and that directly relate to your content.

There are also tools such as Mr. Insta which can help with increasing the number of comments on your posts, and subsequently likes and followers – which is also worth checking out alongside utilizing hashtags and comments.

3. Make your Stories and Posts interactive

Instagram stories can be a great tool for the creation of interactive content. Through the use of personalized stickers and themes, you can engage with your audience by having them use your stickers. Being consistent with this will help bring up your engagement rate as more and more people will be able to view your stories. Apart from stickers, using polls asking questions and encouraging your audience to interact with your stories in that way will also help you develop a relationship with your followers.

Keeping up with your community in posts and stories and making sure that they’re getting content that they are interested in will also help drive up your engagement rate. Therefore, you mustn’t forget to ask your audience what type of content they like. Taking on their requests and advice will ensure that you’re keeping your community as active as possible.

4. Geo-tag your location

Geo-tags will normally help bring more people to your content. When the geo-tag relates to popular locations, including sights, islands, restaurants, or parks, tagging your photo will appear in the feed of those interested in those locations. For example, ArXe Ventures found clients increased targeted engagement with adding geo targeted tags.

Especially when it comes to travel locations, many people may also save your posts and keep coming back to them, which will increase the engagement rate of those photos.

5. Consistency

Social Media is a relationship and much like with every other relationship in your life, consistency is key. By being consistent with your posts you are guaranteed to have more of your followers check back more frequently to see what you are up to.

If you have a specific time in the day that you post, your followers will learn to expect a post from you at this time. When you consistently fulfill this expectation your followers will develop with you a relationship of trust as they will know that every day, they will receive new high-quality content from you. In return they will usually engage more with what you have posted by liking, commenting, and sharing your post.