An image of 5G network in the UK

5G in the UK is expected to be as early as 2019. BT Mobile, a network provider in the Uk is going to offer 5G speed in 2019. It has made several announcements this week regarding this.

According to the chief executive of BT Mobile, the company is looking to have a functional 5G network by next 18 months. This means that 5G in the UK will be available by the end of next year if everything goes fine.

Benefits of 5G

The 5th generation technology for data communication is aimed to provide more speed with less latency. With 5G, a user will be able to download and upload files in a few seconds.

5G will have less latency, allowing gamers to play online games with fast response time. Online streaming will be buffer free even with 4K quality.

5G technology will have the capability of up to one million connections per square meter. It will help to connect various devices at the same time, helping in developing smart cities.

5G will also play a great role for the Internet of Things where it will connect devices with less latency. Our self-driving cars will respond to commands more quickly.

Virtual reality devices will become faster and accessible. To give you an idea, throughput for virtual reality is 100 times higher than playing a 720p video.

5G speed will help to achieve this throughput in less time due to its higher speed and low latency.

It is worth mentioning here that the communication regulator of United Kingdom has already published documentation which outlines t benefits of 5G.

The documentation says that the 5G enabled headsets are going to be launched, probably in early 2019. Internal tests for 5G are already ongoing. However; 5G development is in early stages as of now but it is getting a good momentum.

According to the documentation, the initial standards for the 5G network are finalized. Further additions and changes will be made later on.

So, by looking at the documentation by communication regulator and the announcement of BT Mobile, 5G in the UK is surely going to be available by 2019.

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