6M PS4 Units Sold, Says Sony

Sony has released another update to its PS4 sales statistics revealing that only a short time after the console made its debut in Japan, 6 million PS4 units have been sold globally. Prior to the console’s release in Japan, Sony had announced that it only sold 5.3 million units, though this figure was still significantly higher than what the Xbox One has been able to attain.

6M PS4 Units Sold, Says Sony Although hardware sales are of utmost importance to Sony, software sales are crucial as well and on the PS4, PlayStation Plus subscriptions are taking off while digital games are also resulting in revenue for the company. According to this sales report, there were 13.7 million PS4 software sales as of March 2.

Some of the new features present on the PS4 are actually being used by many gamers. Sony reports that there have been more than 100 million shares through the share button that is built into the PS4’s controller. On top of that, there have also been at least 3.6 million gameplay broadcasts via Twitch and Ustream.

It has been known for months now that the PS4 is selling at a much faster rate than the Xbox One and according to some reports, the console is taking over the Xbox’s position as the best machine for gaming. In January, an NPD report (along with others) revealed that not only was the PS4 outselling the Xbox One but that it had actually reached twice as many sales during the one month period.

Both consoles have been out since 2013 but March of this year will be an important time for both systems as many of their exclusive titles will finally be coming out. For the Xbox One, Titanfall is expected to boost sales while on the PS4, inFamous: Second Son may result in extra attention for the already popular console.

Summary: Since the consoles were first released, Sony’s PS4 has been doing far better than the Xbox One. This was backed up once again by a new Sony sales report which revealed that there has been 6 million PS4 sales thus far. PlayStation Plus subscriptions are also increasing, according to Sony’s report.

Image Credit: gamespot

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