7 Amazing Travel Bloggers on Instagram

Travelling is among the favorite activities for many adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world; visit the oceans and hike to the mountain tops? For those of you who love watching nature at its best, travel bloggers on Instagram give the ideal solution. You can explore the world through the eyes of these bloggers and who knows, this might even inspire you to do some exploring yourself. Let’s look at the 7 best travel bloggers for you

7 best Travel Bloggers

● Jannik Obenhoff – @jannikobenhoff

Jannik is an inspirational photographer who knows how to capture the beauty the world has to offer in the photos and videos he posts. With his roots in Germany, Jannik has an eye out for the glamor of Europe. At the age of 17 he already has 4 years of experience. He began when he was only 13! Wherever he goes, there are new wonders to explore and together with his Instagram followers, he enjoys every minute of his adventures. He has also started his very own YouTube channels where he gives greater details of his visits.

●      Jack Morris – @doyoutravel

Jack Morris has traveled the world with his girlfriend and with his creativity, has inspired 2.8 million followers. With the perfect photography of both Jack and her girlfriend who is also a travel blogger, they have made it to the top of the list of the best travel bloggers. If you are also one of the souls thirsty for adventure their blog is what you need to be following.

●      Lauren Bullen – @gypsea_lust

With many Instagram likes and 2 million followers, Lauren is among the best of the best. She captures the most splendid pictures in the most splendid of places. She has her boyfriend, another travel blogger, to give her company. Their combined project of letting the world see all the beauty there is to see is successful up till now. Her love for travel is incomparable.

●      Sam Evans – @samevanslife

Sam Evans has traveled all the most scenic and mesmerizing places around the globe. His aerial shots of the landscapes are what make him stand out in the crowd of travel bloggers. Since he was born in the Maldives, he is naturally drawn towards places with beaches but this is not all that he has explored. He has even used helicopters and airplanes to get mind-blowing snaps that most are not able to capture.  Sam is also an automobile enthusiast and has traveled most places in his Audi.

●      Kiersten Rich – @theblondeabroad

Kiersten Rich is an Instagram blogger known for her aesthetically pleasing photography. She has been exploring California and has already traveled Africa, Europe and Asia. With her amazing posts she has inspired thousands to take on such adventures as well. This blogger has done all there is to do; from hiking to relaxing at the beach. Apart from traveling and sight-seeing, Kiersten also tries new, trendy outfits and new lifestyles. She also makes suggestions about places to visit and where to dine in. Her blog is an inspiration to many adventurous minds out there. 

●      Murad Osmann – @muradosmann

Murad Usman is one lucky man, having his wife Nataly Osman to accompany him on his amazing ventures. Both feature in beautiful pictures with stunning landscapes behind them. They are indeed the perfect pair and with each adventurous endeavor, their bond strengthens even more.

●      Chelsea Yamase – @_chelseakauai

Chelsea has 568,000 followers who love nothing more than looking at her stunning posts. She is a native of Hawaii and her travels have taken her across the borders and into many places all over the world. With every visit of hers, he updates her followers about her whereabouts and these followers are keen to learn about every new place she visits. Not only has she made it to the most scenic places but has also taken part in many thrilling activities like tight-roping across canyons or diving into the depths of the sea. 

So, if you love to travel and eagerly want to visit the world, these bloggers are what you need to be looking for. Here, you will get to see mesmerizing places with incomparable beauty. You can quench your thirst for adventure and exploration by following these Instagram bloggers.