7 Baccarat Strategy Tips

The tips provided here from DATABET88 are for baccarat players trying to use a strategy to increase their chances of winning and apply to games played in online casinos as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. They apply specifically to players using a system or strategy more so than to general play. Keep in mind that no tricks are provided here to give you an advantage over the game; only good advice is offered.

Check the Odds Offered

It might seem a bit obvious, but it is always advisable to ensure that the odds being offered for all baccarat bets are correct prior to playing in a new casino. 5% is the typical commission charged on Banker bets, but some casinos charge as high as 25% on the bet. You can still find some casinos charging commissions of below 5%, which is great, so always be on the lookout for such too. The typical odds on the Player bet must always be 1:1 (evens) and it never varies. The odds offered on the Tie bet are typically 8 to 1, but it offers such terrible value that it should be avoided.

Bet on the Player Side, Always!

The vast majority of baccarat tips will tell you to always bet on the Banker side since it has slightly better actual odds compared to the Player side. However, this is not sound advice for players that follow a strategy. If you are using a betting strategy, always bet on the Player. The commission charged on Banker bets means that the payout is slightly less than evens and this can lead to problems when using progressive betting systems.

For instance, let’s assume that a player is using the Martingale betting system where he doubles up after every loss until they win. Please note that this isn’t an endorsement of the strategy, by the way. It is just for the purpose of demonstration. Let’s also assume that the hypothetical player starts off betting $10 on the Banker side and doubles the previous bet until they win.

Let’s assume, again, that the player has 4 consecutive losses and wins on the fifth bet. The first 4 losing bets are as follows $10, $20, $40, and $80, which is $150 in total staked and lost. The next bet on the Banker side is for $160 and it wins. The total payout for the winning bet would be $160 stake + $160 win = $320, less a commission of 5%, which means that the player would get back just $304. The total stakes were $10+$20+$40+80+$160 = $310. So, even though the player eventually won the bet, he still had a net loss of $6.

A similar series of bets on the Player side would have generated an expected 1 unit of profit, which is $10.

Quit While You Are Still Ahead

It is a piece of advice that goes contrary to the “Stick to the Rules” tip above, but it is still excellent advice. Prior to starting your session, you should work out how much you can reasonably expect to win using your strategy.

If you have a bankroll of $500, for instance, you need to first determine the amount of profit you would gladly walk away from the table with. Whatever the number might be – $100, $200, etc. – if you reach that amount in profit early in your session, it would be best to quit.

Play Brief Sessions

The house edge will eventually get you. No strategy or system has ever been designed to overcome the game’s built-in house advantage.

If you decide beforehand the number of games you plan to play, say 100 or 200 and count them while playing, you will be more likely to accept a loss on your session and walk away as opposed to trying to recover your losses.

Shorter sessions also work in your favor when you are winning. Once you have reached the number of hands that you had originally set out to play, you will be more likely to accept the profit you have made, even if it is an odd number such as $87. If you are playing without a set limit, you might see that you are up $87 and decide to keep playing until it is a nice round figure of $100. Unfortunately, that’s the quickest way to lose it all.

Stick to Your Strategy

When you decide to play a certain system and have started playing, you need to stick to the rules of your strategy no matter the kind of run you have. Unless you hit a fantastically impressive run early on and decide to take your profits, you need to ride out the cards to be true to your betting strategy.

Players often become frustrated once they lose their bets and after 5 or even 6 consecutive losses, they might be tempted to significantly increase the size of their bets attempting to recover their losses in one hand.

It is always better to stick to your plan and try being more philosophical about losses. If you play a system, understand that losing sessions are to be expected. Accept it and don’t go contrary to the rules of our strategy. If it is a system worth playing, you owe it to yourself to follow it properly.

Manage Your Bankroll

Managing your money when gambling is not a tip that’s exclusive to baccarat, rather it is sound advice for all system bettors and gamblers. Losing sessions are unavoidable just like you will have winning sessions. The top priority should always be to make sure that you have sufficient funds in your bankroll to get through the losing ones.

As a rule of thumb, take the total amount of money you have set aside for gambling and divide it by 10. That amount is what you should play in any one session. If you haven’t had a winning session out of 5 sessions played, it is perhaps time to try something different, and you will still have funds to do exactly that.

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