7 Benefits of Investing in Drive-Through Machinery Sheds

Farmers and agricultural business owners will agree that farm machinery is not only important but also expensive to replace. It’s no wonder then that storage is a top priority.

One of the more effective ways to store farm equipment is by investing in machinery sheds that offer shelter and security. Many farmers are taking the concept of machinery sheds one step further by opting for drive-through versions of the traditional shed concept.

What is a Drive-Through Machinery Shed?

As the name suggests, this type of shed boasts a drive-through configuration. Typically, the design has two long walls clad with the gable ends left open. This type of structure allows the user to drive through the space. The lack of doors not only makes it easy to get vehicles in and out but also allows for more machinery to be stored in that area.

Simplify Machine Storage

Working and living on a farm has many challenges. Storing your machinery safely shouldn’t be one of them We’ve spoken to a few Australian farmers to help us compile a list of the benefits of choosing drive-through machinery sheds above their smaller, closed versions. Here are the advantages they’ve shared with us.

1.     The Drive Through Feature

Depending on the layout of your machinery shed, a drive-through design may be just what you’re looking for! Being able to drive your machinery from one end to another without having to go around the shed, or open and close doors, is a huge plus that can streamline the process on your farm.

2.     Entry Width is Maximised

Machinery sheds often need to house large machines such as tractors. This means that the shed’s entryway needs to be increased. By opting for a drive through shed, you can maximise the entry space as you won’t need bulky doors and the fixtures and frames that go along with a traditional shed.

3.     Increased Clearance Height

As a farm or agricultural business grows, it’s common for farmers and business owners to upgrade their machines. This usually means buying bigger (and higher) models which will require a higher roof.

Since drive-through machinery sheds can be designed with a pitched roof, they offer a much higher clearance height. Ultimately this means you won’t have to increase wall or column height to accommodate higher vehicles or machines.

4.     Parking Vehicles is Quick and Easy

One of the top reasons drive-through machinery sheds are so popular has to do with the simplicity of storing your vehicles. The drive-through facility reduces the need to try and manoeuvre around other vehicles or machines when it’s time to store them at the end of the day. You also won’t need to reverse in or out several times to get your machine in the shed. This not only saves time but saves you considerable aggravation as well!

5.     Highly Customisable

When you’re installing a machinery shed, the one feature you’ll want is a versatile option, so it will suit your unique needs. Drive-through sheds offer you this by having high frames and open-ends. Since the frames can be replicated on either side, it becomes much easier to increase the size of your shed when your needs increase.

There is also a wide range of features you can add to your shed to further customise your drive through shed. These include the following:

  • Professional grade colour cladding options to choose from
  • Multiple footing options such as a natural floor, concrete or a combination of both
  • Materials that are designed to withstand a category 2 wind rating, making them ideal for Australian climates
  • Roof ventilation
  • Fibreglass skylights
  • Roller or sliding doors
  • Windows (not generally added to machinery sheds, but it depends on your specific preference and needs)

6.     Can Add Flooring

With machinery sheds, floors aren’t a standard requirement. Whether or not you need a floor depends on the type of ground your shed is built on and the machines you’re storing. Flooring options you can consider include a concrete floor, a natural floor or a combination of both. This will ensure heavy machinery can easily move in and out of the shed without getting stuck or the equipment getting damaged.

7.     Remarkably Cost Effective

As with any other business, farmers and agricultural business owners also strive to keep profits high and expenses at a minimum. Unlike a closed garage or two, a drive-through machinery shed is one of the more cost effective shed designs to consider.

This is because main columns are used to support and stabilise the walls as opposed to costly steel frames. Typically this means that the overall materials used will be less and will then be more cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to safeguard your machinery from the Australian weather, it may be time to consider adding a drive-through machinery shed. Furthermore, the drive-through feature makes it easy to store your vehicles or machines no matter from which side of your property you’re coming.

You can improve storage solutions and workflows on your farm, with just one structure!