7 Inspiring Employee Recognition Award Ideas

Employee recognition awards is the way to acknowledge the hard work of the employees and teams within your company. It creates an emotional attachment between your employees and your company. It encourages your employees to stay authentic to your company’s values.

Giving employee recognition awards is the best way to appreciate the employees for their better work performance. According to the global study by the Boston Consulting Group of over 200,000 employees, the most important part of the employees’ job is to feel appreciated:

Here is the list of 7 Employee Recognition Awards.

Exceptional listener award

Give the exceptional listener award to the managers and leaders who listen and act on feedbacks. Because every employee wants to work in a company where there feedbacks are valued. Acting on feedback can have an effective impact on the overall development of your team.

Recognition Master Award

Give the recognition master award to those people who recognizes others on the team most often. Their continuous recognition helps the organisation to engage other employees.

The Employee of the Month

Give the employee of the month award to those employees who showed their value and performed the best in a given month.

Giving such monthly awards boosts the confidence of employees by encouraging them to work hard. It also helps employers to find out their companies talented workers and enhance their skills.

Best Customer Centricity

This award is given to those employees who provide the best customer service to their customers. Satisfying a customer is not an easy task it requires a lot of skills. These employees help the company in generating new clients or making the present clients’ happy. By giving this award other employees will also inspired to work harder in order to achieve the goal.

Keeping us Safe Award

When employees’ feedback was ignored, they don’t want to share their feedback because they are not sure whether it is right to share their feedback or not which is not good for the success of the organisation. By giving keeping us safe award an organisation will creates an environment of psychological safety which helps the team members to believe that their suggestions and feedbacks are considered as valuable and accepted fairly by the organisation. This award should be given to those employees who contribute the best in making your organization a safe place for everyone.

Excellent Feedback Award

This award is given to those employees who give their feedback on regular basis that support the team’s requirements. It also inspires other employees or team members to share their feedbacks. Feedback is an excellent way to help the organisations to shape their actions in order to meet the requirements of their employees or team members. It also helps to encourage the team members to achieve their goals.

Best Attendance Award

This award is given to those employees who complete their duties on time. The productivity of the organisation depends on the punctuality of the employees. By completing your duties on time every day with a positive attitude, you will help to raise morale and increase productivity.

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