7 Tips to Become Your Home's Pest Defender

Pests hanging around your home can be a nuisance. They can deny you the comfort and peace you need to make good use of your living room and other areas in your space. This can be a humiliating affair especially when there are many of them in your home. Have you ever known that you could prevent pests from invading your home? Well, you don’t have to wait to start dealing with them when they have already occupied your home. You can be your home’s pest defender if you apply the following tips.

Tip #1 Clean your Home Regularly

A dirty home is a great environment for pests to thrive. Therefore, it will be a lot useful to keep your home clean to avoid visitation by nuisance pests. Keep mopping floors and vacuuming surfaces within your home. A clean environment will less likely attract pests. Pick up any food crumbs and dirt that is lying loosely on the floor.

Tip #2 Trim back tree branches around your home

Rodents and other pests can find their way to your home through surrounding plants. Therefore, one of the best ways to limit their invasion is by trimming tree branches. This minimizes pests’ encroachment. These plants act as bridges through which they find their way to your home.

Avoid mulch for your garden beds if you can especially touching your foundation. Less attractive ground cover for pests like rocks would be a great alternative. This will limit the number of pests invading your home.

Tip #3 Seal Gaps in Doors and Windows

Cracks and gaps in windows and doors can give pests way into your house. Therefore, regular inspection, maintenance, and repairs in these areas will help you fix the issue of pest infestation as well. These routine procedures will help a lot in combating the pest invasion issue.

Timely repairs on cracked and warped surfaces will prevent the entry and spread of pests within your home. Don’t limit your search for cracks on windows and doors only. Check around your home for a thorough inspection.

Tip #4 Ensure proper disposals of trash and litter

Right from your home, make sure that all trash is properly managed and handled. Pests are easily attracted by garbage especially when it is not well managed. This includes yard waste as well. All trash should be kept in bins with tight-fitting lids. Most importantly, they should be regularly be cleaned and ensure frequent removal of debris and any spills that would attract pests as they feed. The disposal site should always be kept clean to limit the attack by pests.

Tip #5 Use pest-repellant lighting solutions

Insects love flying around sources of light. However, some light sources are less attractive than others. Instead of using the standard mercury vapor lights, install halogen and/or high-pressure sodium vapor lights. These are enough to keep off insects from bothering you at home.

You can also consider using either orange, pink, or yellow color tints in your lights. They are less attractive to these flying insects. If not, changing the location of your security lights from the home walls to a distant point can also help.

Tip #6 Keep your Drains Clean

A lot of dirt gets to accumulate in home drains such as those on the floor and in sinks. The debris and gunk accumulating at these points can be a great breeding environment for pests. Therefore, it would help a lot to clean them regularly. This can easily be done using vinegar and baking soda homemade solution to help flush out the clogs.

Tip #7 don’t leave food remains exposed

Pests can easily smell food and find their way to their location. If they find food in the open, it becomes a lot easier for them to invade. To address this issue, ensure that your food is kept in sealed containers. That way, pests won’t have a reason to hang around your home because they have no access to food remains in sealed containers.

You can make use of these tips to defend your home against pests. If they have already invaded your space, you can use exterminator Brooklyn services to get rid of them. However, preventing them would work best for you!

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