8 Best Cryptocurrencies on Coin on Ramp

When buying crypto, you certainly look for quick and easy sign-ups, competitive fees, and high-quality customer support.

You check what payment methods a particular platform supports and what security measures it implements to safeguard its customers’ data.

Coin on Ramp offers all of these essential features, which is why we recommend it. It also supports more than 20 fiat currencies.

You can get started in minutes and buy crypto seamlessly with your VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Here are the best cryptocurrencies that you can buy on the platform.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Every cryptocurrency exchange supports the original crypto. However, each of them offers it at different prices.

That’s because they have different demand and crypto acquisition systems. The price differences for Bitcoin can be quite significant.

Coin on Ramp has some of the most competitive prices, and not just for BTC. When you compare other platform’s prices for buying BTC, you’ll see that this one’s a definite winner. It can save you thousands of dollars.

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash has become very popular due to its ability to process transactions much faster than Bitcoin. That also means that its transaction fees are lower.

These are some of the reasons why some experts believe that Bitcoin Cash will surpass the BTC market cap. After all, BTC is quite expensive, which isn’t the case with Bitcoin Cash.

Coin on Ramp’s price for BCH doesn’t differ much from other available prices, but it’s still more affordable.

3. Ether (ETH)

After Bitcoin, Ether is the most popular cryptocurrency. Slightly more expensive than BCH, Ether is a favorable cryptocurrency to trade.

It runs on Ethereum, a blockchain-powered platform that offers lightning-fast transactions. That’s one of the key differences between Bitcoin and Ether. The latter processes transactions in seconds, whereas the former does it in minutes.

On Coin on Ramp, you can save about a hundred dollars for buying Ether. Clearly, the price isn’t fixed, but that’s an approximate amount that you can consistently save on the platform.

4. Litecoin (LTC)

As you can often hear in the crypto world, Litecoin is silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It’s a lighter version of BTC, with faster transactions and greater accessibility.

Did you know that you don’t need powerful hardware to mine Litecoin? You can do it on a regular PC. That’s why many crypto enthusiasts are doing it.

But if you don’t want to get into mining, you can easily buy it on platforms like Coin on Ramp. Again, it’s more affordable on that exchange, although it’s cheap everywhere.

5. Ripple (XRP)

This platform also offers Ripple, which you can’t mine. It comes with pre-mined tokens, making it stand out from BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC.

Ripple is excellent for cross-border fiat transactions, primarily since numerous banks have supported it from the get-go. It has been growing in popularity for years and might find its way into our regular financial system.

The best part? It costs less than a dollar.

6. Tronix (TRX)

Tronix is yet another excellent cryptocurrency that you can buy on our favorite platform. You can’t mine it, but you can buy it for less than a dollar as well.

It runs on the TRON network, which is especially helpful for the entertainment industry. It helps share digital content without digital footprints and offers seamless content monetization.


IOTA is one of the most promising digital currencies right now. It’s also one that you can’t mine.

Designed for IoT (Internet of Things), it enables seamless transactions over IoT devices, with little to no fees. Micro-payments incur no fees.

So, head to Coin on Ramp to buy IOTA at a fraction of a dollar if you’re using IoT devices. You’ll be able to transfer value quickly across devices.


ALGO, which runs on the proof-of-stake Algorand network, also doesn’t require mining. The network is open-source and offers developers an opportunity to use ALGO for their app-development ventures.

Just like Ripple, Tronix, and IOTA, ALGO doesn’t cost more than a dollar.

Which One Will You Buy?

Are you thinking about buying any of these incredibly cheap cryptocurrencies? Is Bitcoin perhaps your cup of tea? There’s no reason not to go for it if you can afford it.

Whichever of these you decide to buy, we highly recommend you do it on Coin on Ramp. You can set up an account in minutes, enjoy competitive prices and low fees, and purchase any of these digital currencies.

Head to the site today and join its growing crypto community!