A Look at GPS Tracking Cameras: More Than a Dashcam

Why do vehicles need a dashcam with a GPS? As a fleet company, you should have one for many reasons. If you are not aware of these reasons, this is probably why you have not upgraded your fleet vehicles. You now have the opportunity to change this.

What is a GPS tracking camera? Well, we know that the main purpose of a dashcam is to record the journey or driver behavior if it is positioned to face the cabin. But when the GPS tracking capability is added, it means that the camera can detect the location and speed of the vehicle. This is then transmitted to a remote location in real time especially now that GPS can also be integrated with the internet.

Choosing the Right GPS Tracking Camera

Fleet companies have an obligation to choose the best GPS tracking camera if they want to succeed. Of course, this means doing a little more homework. In addition to searching online to see what is good and popular, one would also want to consider consulting with experts in these areas. And this is where the professionals at EyeRide Florida will come in.

A detailed look at integrated GPS technology is very important. Ensure that the cameras can perform more than tracking the location of the footage. Additional features could be the ability to detect the speed of the vehicle and rapid changes of the location. The latter requires technology called a gravity sensor (G-sensor).

Importance of a GPS Tracking Camera

Understanding the importance of dashcams with GPS in fleet vehicles will compel any fleet manager to have them installed if this is not yet done. It might be costly to have them fitted if you have many vehicles, but the value of the benefits is even greater.

  • Real-time monitoring of the vehicles – fleet managers are usually a few clicks away from knowing where any vehicle is at any one time. As you view this information, you get to access both the road ahead, the current location and even the speed of the vehicle.
  • Monitoring driver behavior – this is one of the best ways to know how your drivers behave while on the road. If the GPS camera is positioned to monitor the cabin, it can show whether the drivers are using their phones as they drive, sleeping somewhere on the roadside while they are supposed to be on the move or doing any other thing.
  • Useful in emergencies – so, you have just received a panic alert that one of your vehicles has been involved in an accident or has been carjacked. The GPS tracking camera will provide information to you and the police. In the past, such cameras have been used to intercept carjacking criminals.


By now, any fleet manager who had not considered using this technology is now convinced that it is one of the best ideas to make a difference in their company. As you have seen, it has numerous benefits.

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