Luck is also a chance, being in the right place at the right time, this is also down to luck or is it? Let’s have an in-depth look at luck and find out precisely what it is and the ways to use your luck to increase your success.

Get Up Early

I know this sounds obvious but by leaping out of bed early and not laying around you are creating a structure to your day, and telling your brain “I am an efficient and a present professional”.

Scientists say learning and production are most effective when the brain is in an acquisition phase; generally between 10.00 am for four hours, then again from 4.00 pm for six hours. Remember each person will be different, so find your optimum time and stick to it.

Do Some Exercise

Exercise especially first thing in the morning stimulates the brain, some of the best ideas have emerged on the running track or in the pool. The earlier, the better for some people, Victoria Beckham, gets up at 5 am every day to do some yoga and credits this exercise for some of her best designs.

Failing Leads to Succeed

It’s not the failure that’s important, it’s the lesson brought about by the failure we need to learn from. Look at Jeff Bezo CEO of Amazon, and he failed numerous times before creating a successful business, Jeff used all the knowledge and contacts he made to make Amazon a successful business and what a successful business that is.

Look at Oprah, so successful Oprah only has one name – after a difficult early life she took a job at a TV station, but that did not work out she was told she would “never work” in TV again, luckily that wasn’t the case, and pure perseverance paid off.

Be Happy and Optimistic

Cheerfulness and optimism are catching, your upbeat others are upbeat, and your mental attitude can pull you through, others should think of you as a cheery person and not miserable in any way.

Talking about miserable people, avoid those who drain your energy and make you feel down, be ruthless and cut the misery guts out of your life. Even if you get lost on the interweb or participate in your lucky days review.

Make Good Choices

Luck is a reflection on the choices we make, who we choose to associate with so moving in successful circles will only rub off one way or another. You may be inspired to work hard and develop an idea that has been bugging you, or you just might be in the right place at the right time.

So if you want to be an actor do things that actors do, go to LA, work in a bar or as a busboy, and you may get the part if not at least you’re in the sunshine and living your best life – I hope?

Make a Plan and Stick to It.

By listing your goals and making a step by step plan, you can keep your eye on the prize. Determine what needs doing and when to do it for optimum effect.

Making a plan is also a great way to stay on top of stress. By writing things down, you won’t worry about them or take the chance you might forget a great idea.

Know What Your Up Against

The truth is, not knowing is stressful. When you don’t know the facts, you can fill your head with rumours and gossip. When you see the truth about any given situation, no matter how bad, at least you give yourself a base: a starting point to come back from.

For example, social media is awash with myths about the virus, and this can make you feel anxious. Advice like this is also accurate in business, and it doesn’t take luck to check someone out before you date or employ them. That’s what Google was invented to do! Okay, only one of the things it was designed for but you should use it to your advantage.

Learn to Say No

My suggestion may be controversial, and it certainly doesn’t sound helpful or lucky but when you have got to the point in your life when you’re winning, and others look to you for advice and help it’s all too easy to keep saying ‘yes’ to everything. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean you’re selfish; it just means saying ‘yes’ to less – quality, not quantity.

Afterall to pass on the luck, you have to inspire others and it’s advice and inspiration that’s valuable and lucky doing the work for them or providing money and time to someone who doesn’t have the get-up and go you do.

Switch Off

At the end of a hard day of being successful everyone is entitled to a little downtime, there is no shame in some “Me” time, whether you choose online gaming or a binge on some boxsets time off is very important.

So check out the new games online, play some Candy Crush or Animal Crossing in the knowledge that at 5 am tomorrow you’ll have your game face on and your luck intact.

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