A Quick Look at Producing Mobile Apps for Stress Reduction With Music

The healing power of music has long been recognized and for this reason, there is a whole discipline within music education that focuses on music therapy. When it comes to reducing an overwhelming amount of stress in our lives, there are few things more effective than letting the cares of the world drop away while listening to our favorite tunes. Even when we are stressed beyond our capacity to deal with the pressure, some great music can help us relax.

Music helps us to transcend the here and now to a place deep within where the cares of the world seem to drop away. Unfortunately, most of the time we need to be at home to realize any kind of benefit from music when we are most in need of therapy – or do we? Perhaps if we could develop mobile music therapy apps, we could take our therapist along with us wherever we go!

But I’m Not an App Developer or a Musician!

How many apps have you downloaded and installed on your mobile phone over time? If you are like most of us, you have at least a couple dozen apps you use regularly. You probably never thought you’d be developing an app yourself because you don’t have a background in software development. In fact, you can’t even strum a single chord on a guitar or play the easiest scale of C Major on the piano. No sweat! All you really need is an affordable Lenovo music production laptop and some music editing software. Once you have edited some of your favorite tunes in a mix you enjoy, it’s time to develop an app with no knowledge of coding whatsoever.

No-Code App Development

There are several app development platforms with drag and drop features that can have you developing a music therapy app from start to finish within days. Some are free to use and others are free to try. In fact, if you get really good at developing music therapy apps you could always list them ‘for sale’ in iOS or android. Imagine making money from an app you’ve developed with literally no knowledge of coding or musical ability. It can be done, but that is taking us away from your original dilemma. Let’s get back to that.

Music Therapy on the Go

When you are at home there is usually no problem stepping away from physical or mental pain because you are, quite simply, at home. You are not at work or stuck in traffic, leaving no room to isolate yourself. Once you’ve created a mobile app that will allow you to choose a tune for the mood, you can simply pop in the earbuds and let the pain slip away. It’s an interesting concept, unless of course you lose focus on the road ahead of you. That would be a disaster! (But you get the point.)

There is no reason you can’t take music therapy along with you wherever you go as long as you’ve created the app designed to soothe and heal. It’s amazing just how far technology has come that you can create an app with no knowledge of coding and produce a music therapy track with little to no skill as a musician. It’s simply amazing.