Adobe is renowned for its image-editing software. Photoshop is the industry standard application for editing photos and images with. However, Adobe do not have so many video-editing packages, especially for the Android platform. Now Adobe has launched its first video-editing app for the Android with Premiere Clip.

premiere clip2

With Premiere Clip you can set up videos with your favorite photographs. Premiere Clip was already available for the iOS, and the new Android version is much the same as that version. The video editor is a simple to use app that supports drag-and-drop editing. That means you can drag and drop images and clips as required for the video. In addition, the app can also automatically set up videos for you, which is a handy shortcut for video creation if you just have not got the time for it.

The app has some handy sound-editing options for videos. You can choose a soundtrack from the app’s stock or add your own audio. In addition, users can select a Smart Volume option that smooths out the sound between video clips.

Premiere Clip also integrates with other Adobe software. For example, users can export a project to Premiere Pro CC to apply further editing to it. Alternatively, you can apply some customized lighting and colors from Adobe Capture CC to enhance videos. You could also use Premiere Clip with packages such as Lightroom CC or Lightroom for Mobile.

Adobe has launched Premiere Clip as a freely available app for Android, but a subscription is required with Creative Cloud. It requires 47 megabytes of storage, which is a lot for a productivity app. The app is compatible with Android 4.4 up.

This latest app from Adobe does not include any notable new options or settings and has pretty much the same UI as the iOS version. The arrival of a first video-editing tool on the Android this December is a big move for Adobe, which is now expanding to new platforms. You can add the app to your Android from Google Play, or open the Premiere Clip page on the Adobe site for further details.