Advantages of Smartphone Skins Over Cases

The mobile phone has gone through so much evolution since when it first came into existence. Before it had the single purpose of simply making and receiving calls, it went from that to include several other features and purposes.

Now, we have smartphones that can perform several purposes and functions. Manufacturers of smartphones put in a lot of work to make their products not just functional, but also beautiful. But as we often hear, beauty isn’t free. So, while we have a lot of beautiful mobile phones available in the market today, a lot of these beautiful devices are made of glasses and other fragile materials.

Hence, the need to protect our smartphones only keeps increasing by the day.  Imagine you had a brand-new iPhone and your friend borrows it but while returning it, they slid it across your table. Assuming your device did not have any scratch before then, it most likely would now if it doesn’t have any protective covering.

You can protect your device with either a phone skin or case. Now the difference is that phone cases are worn on the phone and are a lot studier than skins. Skins on the other hand are made with vinyl and are plastered directly on the body of your phone. They are an inexpensive way of customizing your phone and making it even more beautiful without making the device bulkier.

Most people often opt for cases because they are studier and offer more protection. However, we can think of some advantages skins have over cases which may make them a better choice for you. We have listed some of these advantages below.

1. They are Less Bulky

Perhaps the most obvious advantage smartphone skins have over cases is that they are a lot less bulky than cases. Now, bulky cases usually offer more protection than skins, however, sometimes, this bulkiness works disadvantageously for us. How?

Well, the majority of the smartphones in the market are made to fit perfectly into our hands. But when the extra bulk of the case is added to the phone, handling the device may become a tad more difficult.

The case will protect the device when it falls. But your device may fall a lot more often because of how bulky your case would make it. If you were already a clumsy user, you may find yourself being clumsier.

On the flip side, skins are made to be placed directly on the device, hence, they offer protection (albeit minimally) without making your device any heavier. You would easily protect your device from scratches while personalizing it without having to worry about having a heavier device.

2. Protection

While cases are studier, a badly made case will end up protecting the body of the phone while transferring the shock of the fall to the phone’s screen. This will end up shattering the phone and damaging it regardless.

Now, this begs the question; does a case really protects your device? We have already said that because of how bulky the case will make your phone; you may find yourself dropping it more frequently. So, which will you prefer? Protecting your device from falls or never having to drop it to start with?

A case will protect your phone when it falls (maybe not even adequately because the screen can be damaged) but a skin will give you a better grip on the device. This will ensure you do not drop it often. Some skins are made to enhance your grip on your smartphone so that you never (or very rarely) drop it. You can also read this post to learn some tips to help you avoid dropping your smartphone.

Furthermore, a case may leave you believing your device is clean and scratch-free, but this may not be so. Sure, they protect devices when they fall, however, their protection against scratches isn’t top-notch, anyone that has used phone cases for long can attest to this.

When you eventually take it off your phone, you most likely will see accumulated dust and dirt on your phone. This is because there is space between your smartphone and case and this will allow dirt and dust. Cleaning the dirt off the phone when your remove the protective covering may be difficult as it most likely would have been there for a while. As though that isn’t enough, the accumulated dirt may scratch the back of the device.

Phone cases aren’t as popular as they used to be, some may even say they are becoming obsolete and it may very well be due to this. But skins are made to fit snugly to your device so there’s no space for dirt to accumulate.

3. Function and Style

Phone cases come in several beautiful designs. You can always find a case that matches what you want; your favorite superhero, some whistles, and bells, or any other feature you would love.

Sadly, these protective cases can be expensive. Designer cases can even more expensive than some phones, and while you may get what you want, you will be doing so at the expense of hundred dollars.

This is why skins effortlessly win the competition of style against cases. You can get the skin of your choice without having to spend too much money. You can even get a custom-made skin made just for you. Plus, they can be removed easily without leaving residue, so you can buy more than a few and change them as often as you want. You can change your phone’s skin to match your outfit and even the season of the year.

When it comes to functionality, cases aren’t that great when compared to skins. Your case would typically come with secondary buttons, these are there to help with accessibility. Despite this, the phone may still be unwieldy since it’ll be thicker. Pressing the buttons may even be harder.

Finally, your phone’s overall sleekness will be affected by the case. You may choose to get a thin case but what then would be the use? Wouldn’t it just be better to get a skin that will prevent falls and protect your device from scratches? Interested in finding out more? You can check out to learn more about smartphone skins.


Smartphone cases were once the go-to when it comes to protecting smartphones. But skins are getting more popular. While skins may not protect your phone from falls as much as cases do, they offer better protection from scratches. They are also more stylish and offer other advantages like being functional and not making your phone too heavy.