Price: Free   Score: 10/10   Category: Games

If you’ve always felt that mini-games were an afterthought without much pull, Albert is about to rock your world. The series of 14 minigames takes you through the daily life of a goofy guy named Albert with such quirky charm that your perspective on minigames could change forever.

Created by Fingerlab the makers of Multipong, Albert leads you through a typical day with the man himself. At first you’re set to the task of giving Albert a few extra winks by crushing dozens of alarm clocks, but once he has woken up it’s time to soap up, sort socks, and go through the motions of Albert’s typical day.

Each of the 14 levels includes a hidden treasure that can be found anywhere in the game (including the menus and under objects) to add an extra twist to the task at hand, and your performance lets you earn anywhere from zero to three stars along the way.

What’s so impressive about Albert is the fact that Fingerlab did such a great job of adding so many different components into the gameplay without overcomplicating the process. In one situation where you have to catch water to help a plant grow but avoid falling pruners, you’re using the accelerometer.

Then in a matter of seconds you’re yelling into the iPhone speakers trying to get Albert’s dog to return to him once he’s fetched his bone. This highlighting of the things that make Apple devices so fun in the first place is an absolute delight, not to mention the graphics.

When Fingerlab set into creating Albert they sliced, diced, glued, photographed, and hand animated 1,000 pieces of cardboard. Then they applied studies in holographic technology to help immerse people into Albert’s quirky little world. The result feels like the cross between something totally professional (which it is) and charmingly created by a loving kid on his way off to a reputable art school in a few years.

What’s more is that Albert is one of those games you can win in a day but turn to here and there over and over again. The soundtrack and sound effects tie everything off with a perfect bouncy appeal and like any favorite movie, you’ll notice more to like with every play through. Give Albert a try, he’ll likely become a good friend.

Bottom Line: The clever series of mini games that is Albert is the perfect amount of outlandish fun and challenge. Lots to appreciate here, especially while it’s free.