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rumors indicate apple will hold all hands on desk meetings for apple store workers on sunday, june 24.

In the run up to last week’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), a number of reliable sources, including Tapscape, reported that Apple would update four of five Mac product lines. As expected, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models received updates, and there was a poorly received Mac Pro refresh, too. That left the iMac and Mac mini — two of five Mac product lines — untouched and the prophecy unfulfilled.

However, with news that Apple Store employees are expected to attend an all-hands meeting on or about June 24, hopes that fresh versions of the remaining two Mac models will arrive soon spring anew.

WWDC was very fruitful vis-a-vis Mac hardware with new Mac portables and even a token Mac Pro refresh. Further, we’ve seen rumors of a 13-inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display coming in October and Tim Cook has promised a more complete (and hopefully satisfying) Mac Pro redo in 2013.

That said, many were hoping for iMac and Mac mini updates. AppleInsider offers a glimmer of hope that the mothership’s popular all-in-one and mini computer lines won’t be left behind. “Multiple people familiar” with Apple’s plans say that Apple Store employees are expected to attend a Sunday, June 24 all-hands-on-deck meeting.

The interesting twist is that the meetings will be held at off-site locations and not Apple Stores, which is unusual. It’s been speculated that the events will introduce workers to Apple’s new retail vice president, John Browett, but there remains a possibility that they may be introduced to a new product.

What’s your take?

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  1. I bet it’s just a quarterly meeting. Your making alot of hype over nothing. Complete with grammatical errors.


  2. I purchased an iMac last week because I did not want to keep waiting. I spoke with one of the Apple Store managers (whom I know from outside the store) and he told me they are never told when a refresh is coming down. In fact, last year a customer came into the store asking for the new iMac saying he saw it on the Apple website that morning. No one in the store knew a thing about it. As they were looking at the web site, a truck pulled up with the new product. 

    He also told me the Apple TV was pulled from their store at the end of last week, and while employees are not allowed to speculate, he thinks the new iMacs will have Apple TV built in to them.  But he warned me he is wrong more often then right when it comes to guessing.

    At least he told me I can return my iMac for a new one if it comes out within 30 days.

  3. wow people griping over grammatical errors…. i was unaware this was an english comp grade..  

    Thank you for the information, “Ricky Martin”.  I to am looking to get a new iMac.. was thinking about waiting but I will now check in with my local Apple store to see if they honor this 30 day deal.. if so i’ll just go ahead and purchase.. Thanks again 

  4. why not release the new imac, i am a pc guy but no longer love the window anymore, so hope that tomorrow we will know. I am for sure will get one 🙂

  5. I can confirm that Ricky Martin is telling the truth.
    I am an employee in a store at a European country and this happens here too.
    In fact our manager is frustrated that many times customers know more things about new releases than him because he doesn’t have all the time on earth to read blogs and news about Apple! Official information is rare. But that also means that speculations are just that and nothing more.

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