All You Need To Know About Postal Mailbox/Virtual Mailbox

What is a Virtual Mailbox or Online Mailbox?

A virtual or postal mailbox downloaded to your digital mailbox so that you can view and manage them from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

It caters to the needs of individuals, business owners, travelers, startups, expats and many more, saving money and time with the best virtual mailbox service for your virtual office starting at $ 15 per month!

How much does a virtual mailbox cost?

Renting a postal mailbox online a convenient way to increase the reliability and security of your mail, as well as simplify ongoing maintenance if you move a lot.

The cost of renting a mailbox is determined by the below factors:

Time of Delivery

A PO Box or a virtual mailbox only costs $ 19 in some places, while it costs $ 75 in others. A complete breakdown of costs by region is available on the US Postal Service website.

Lease Period

PO Boxes are available for lease for six or 12 months. Permanent renewals for a shorter rental period will be more expensive. If you think you need P.O. It would be at least a year cheaper to ask for an annual lease in the first place. Your lease can be extended further if you choose to have the rate automatically deducted from your credit card. Use bonus credit cards and accumulate individual points earned through your mail.

Geographical Location

Where the postal service controls the market sufficiently to establish a postal address. Cash prices cannot be beaten, prices can change every year. In some markets, private companies offering similar products can help keep prices low.

Additional Fees

USPS will charge a security deposit of $ 3 for the first two keys and $ 6 for additional duplicate keys. The post office also charges a $ 20. There are two ways to request a mailbox: online and at the post office. You will need two valid forms of ID, at least one of which must have your photo. The ID must include your physical address.

The Benefits of Renting a PO Box

Renting a PO Box has many Advantages.

Security: The box is inside the post office and can only be accessed with a key or combination of codes. The field also masks your physical address, helping to maintain your privacy.

Courier – Due to the presence of mailboxes at the post office, you usually receive mail faster.

Frequency: If you move or travel a lot, P.O. Inboxes are a good way to ensure that you continue to receive your mail. It also reduces the risk of identity theft, as your mail is unlikely to end up in the wrong old address.


A P.O. Inboxes are a convenient way to control when and how you receive mail. This is especially useful if you want to keep your address private, or if you have a home business that receives mail that you want to keep separate from your personal mail.

Stop receiving mail that you do not need, and only receive important messages! When you set up a smart filter, your mail will be automatically filtered, clearing your mailbox of spam and simply sending you what you need, such as receipts and invoices. You can create folders and send sections of mail to specific folders, organizing mailings. Get a clean and organized inbox every time in just a few minutes!

Box rental rates vary by region, but start from $ 9 for a small box for three months to $ 625 for a very large box for six months.