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ALLTRUEistic is an app designed to help you become a better person with the backing of a global community. Meditate to new heights of self-improvement, or help others achieve their goals in our ALLTRUEistic review.

ALLTRUEistic App: A Quick Rundown

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ALLTRUEistic is a play on the same word and is designed to tap into the global community for meditating and manifesting a positive future. The core action here is meditation and fostering community ties, with features that allow users to engage in both. Meditation sessions vary from 72 seconds to 10 minutes at most, whether for personal reasons or to help out those who need it.

The Altruistic Experience

After a quick search and download, the app loads and asks for sign-in credentials. The aesthetics are easy on the eyes and load fast. Soon, you’re let into the main section where you can view or post a message, choose your topics of interest, or meditate with a built-in timer.

You can post on the community page or share your ‘WOW’ story with others to inspire them. You can also connect to individuals and send them a private message. It’s worth noting that the app is available on the App Store and Play Store.

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Time spent on the app is productive, including a 5-minute meditation to clear the mind and contribute to the greater good. The community is fairly active as well, with new posts and inspiring photos every few minutes or so. Users will have the option to continue meditating or browse to see other people’s stories.

Positive Change on a Global Stage?

Seeing the potential of an app like ALLTRUEistic, we’re hoping that more and more people will sign up and tap into the collective potential. Every person can contribute towards a positive change that can happen on a global scale, which is what ALLTRUEistic is all about. There are various aspects of positive change ranging from emotional support to manifestation, and you’ll be sure to find something to your liking. All in all, ALLTRUEistic is a good app that you should try sometime.

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