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Amazon Launches Prime Music, Joins Streaming Scrum

Need another reason to pay $99 a year for an Amazon Prime account? Then Amazon

Need another reason to pay $99 a year for an Amazon Prime account? Then Amazon”s new Prime Music could be just the thing. With more than 1,000,000 songs from over 10,000 albums, this isn”t serious Spotify let alone iTunes Radio competitor, both of which offer 20-million-plus tracks.

But that”s not the point. At least that”s not the point right away.

“Your music collection just got a lot bigger,” enthuses Amazon”s Prime Music spin. “Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs online casino and hundreds of playlists. And, the best part is … it”s FREE with Amazon Prime.”

Yes, Prime Music is here, but only for those subscribing to Amazon Prime. Again, one million songs isn”t much to shout about unless of course it”s a nice add on for Amazon Prime, which already offers free second day air, exclusive offers and Instant Prime Video.

Taken altogether, good stuff. Moreover, even at $99 a year, Prime Music is cheaper than Rdio, Spotify, Beats or Google All Access.

Prime Music will be available on Kindle Fire HD and HDX, iOS, Android, PC and Mac apps, and the web right out of the gate, as well as Sonos, Fire TV and other platforms later this year.

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Other advantages of Prime Music include that it”s advertising free and it features curated “Songza” style playlists designed to match listeners moods, like “happy and upbeat” and “pop to make you feel better.”

Really? How about “industrial techno house music to make my trip to the bathroom go more smoothly”? That would be helpful.

Amazon Prime is widely praised and widely loved. The addition of Prime Music, hokey marketing aside, will only increase the chorus of hosannahs and, one presumes, drive up subscriber numbers…

What”s your take?

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