Nevertheless, fans of Apple’s industry standard iPhone, iPad and iOS app ecosystem have little if anything to worry about. How’s that? While Android beats iPhone app download volume and, now, app revenue is bigger than iOS, Apple’s ecosystem generates eight times the revenue on a per app basis.


“iOS is a Value market, generating far more revenue per download than other app stores,” writes Digi-Capital, a mobile metrics and analysis firm. “iOS apps with relatively lower numbers of downloads compared to Android generate significant revenue. Despite the dominance of free apps, even paid apps can make a decent living on iOS.”

Quite naturally, this means that developers still overwhelmingly favor the iOS App Store, bringing more first edition and faster app updates to the iPhone and iPad than Android. Contrariwise, the shear size of the Android user base demands

Furthermore, with the hugely popular “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus grabbing market share from Android in China, Apple’s iOS App Store could easily reclaim the app revenue crown.

Then again, given how healthy both the iOS and Android app marketplaces are, it’s just good to sit back and watch the competition. So, although Android beats iPhone in a kind of sort of maybe for now sort of way (or vice versa), the mobile app marketplace is very, very competitive and that is a very, very good thing…

What’s your take? Android beats iPhone or is the world just a better place just a place for all the kerfuffle?

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Via: Fin24

  1. I’m more of a value kind of person. Android has much better value than Apple. Lots more free stuff. There better be a really good reason or I won’t buy an app. Apple owners are less value oriented and are more likely to blow their money on apps. I understand why developers prefer that market, but I am glad to see us Android cheapskates are gaining ground.

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