Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean

A new FAQ page from HTC gives us a clearer look at which of their devices are getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and which are getting totally left in the dark. We’ve know that HTC One X and HTC One S were confirmed for an eventual transition to Jelly Bean, but now we know that both the HTC One V and HTC Desire C are NOT getting the upgrade.

The new FAQ page doesn’t list any other devices but does clarify its guidelines for whether or not a phone will or won’t get the update to Android Jelly Bean. According to the FAQ, if an HTC phone has 512MB of RAM or less, it won’t even be considered for the upgrade. Keep in mind that does NOT mean that all devices with over 512MB of RAM are getting updated. Any device with more RAM will be evaluated and considered.

Android Jelly Bean – When is it coming?

For the fortunate devices that do make the cut, when can we expect HTC to roll out the Jelly Bean goodness? Unfortunately, HTC’s FAQ avoids that topic altogether. We know they are reviewing handsets from 2011 and 2012 for possible Android Jelly Bean upgrade potential, but many of these devices might not make the push for many, many months to come.

That being said, with this new information being released, don’t be too shocked if official timeline info for the HTC One S and One X surfaces sometime soon. An update sometime between now and the last day of the year doesn’t seem to unreasonable. We might not know everything about the update yet, but at least we know which devices are 100% guaranteed to be left out. What do you think of this HTC announcement? Are they doing the right thing by leaving out devices with 512MB or less RAM?

Via: Phandroid