Antichamber is one of the first games to generally attack the idea of puzzle and failure. Developer Alexander Bruce, along with a small team of composers, artists and developers have worked on the game, which looks to bring patience, thought and ideas back into the world of puzzle gaming.

When being interviewed by TotalHaibut, Bruce was always questioning him on what the idea of the game was, what was happening in the game that could a sign of what to do and challenging TotalHailbut’s mind and concept of games.

Bruce also said “this will be harder for first person shooters, because they will likely walk past information that could be of value” continuing with “the impressive puzzle gamer may get this done in three hours, while the FPS gamer will take eight hours”.

The design is white with multiple amounts of different colours, which most of the time represent a certain mood or certain place of safety or achievement. One of the main concepts the game has is you cannot fail or die, and the challenge is to succeed through a collection of different integrated puzzles.

Not only is this one of the bravest puzzle games that doesn’t hurt the brain, it is one of the most fun games to play, out of any type of category. Minecraft and Antichamber share that really impressive feature: they both tear out the rulebook of gaming.

The game is an unorthodox puzzle game with a lot of psychological aspects. Certain gamers may find it to their liking, while others just really don’t enjoy it. One thing is for certain, Antichamber offers something new from the previous crop of games.

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