“It”s things like this that make me appreciate the Apple app store.”

A thing I love about the app store is the that there is absolutely no limit to the amount of apps that let you do a bit of good in the world. An app that does just that is App2Give.

App2Give, powered by MobileCause, displays charities in list view (and apparently cover flow view, yet I can”t get this to work myself) and with a few taps allows users to donate their cash to a good cause – it”s things like this that make dgfev online casino me appreciate the Apple app store.

It is interesting to see that users who bought this app have also bought such apps as “Moodlamp 2” and “Gilt for iPad”. Either everyone who buys this needs some kind of help, or they clearly have a lot of money to spare. Either way, the charities benefit from this and there is some good coming from it.

Here are some nice screenshots:

App2Give has a sense of humour!App2Give has some great charities listed.