AppBounty is an iPhone service developed by Advertile Mobile that rewards users for downloading iPhone apps and completing offers. This web app runs through Safari on iOS devices, and is simple to sign up for. For every app downloaded or offer completed, users are given points. These points (aka vCredits) can be exchanged for iTunes and Amazon gift cards.

To use AppBounty, simply visit from your iPhone or other iOS device. From there, just follow the on-screen instructions to start earning rewards right there.

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One of AppBounty’s major innovations is the ability to give international users the opportunity to redeem iTunes and Amazon gift cards for their respective country, something that most rewards programs don’t do.

AppBounty is available for use worldwide and is currently offering country specific gift cards for the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, with 8 additional countries to be announced in 2013.

A bit about points and payouts. The amount of points that you are awarded depends on the action you perform. Tweeting or Facebooking about the service gets you 300 points, while other downloads might only give you 100 points or so. A $10 iTunes gift card will cost you about 5000 vCredits, while a $15 card might cost 7500 vCredits. This might change over time, it’s not yet clear.

If you want to earn cash rewards for discovering new apps, AppBounty is worth checking out. That being said, you should be prepared for it to take some time before you have enough vCredits for your first payout.

But if you are constantly looking to try out new apps, you might as well get rewarded for it. Maybe if you start using AppBounty now, you can do a good chunk of your holiday shopping with Amazon gift cards that you earn!

SCORE: 8.5/10

AppBounty is compatible with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Requires Safari web browser to launch and use the service.