Apple, for a long time, had the digital App marketplace to their own – they were the big guy on the playground noone dared messed with, until a kid named Google showed up and started swinging. Fast forward a few years and Google has not only landed a few punches with the Google Play Store, but has begun to make a serious dent in Apple’s hold over the market.

According to a new report from an App Store analytics firm called Distimo, Apple’s App Store still tops that of the Google Play store, despite Google’s App Store seeing significant growth.

apple store revenue


Despite the Google Play store absolutely annihilating the Apple App Store when it comes to raw download figures, it seems to be the Apple ecosystem that remains the better revenue earner, seeing an average of 2.3% higher figures during the second quarter of 2013.

According to the analystics firm, the majority of Apple’s App Store revenue comes from the United States, with Japan and the UK following behind. iPhone Apps overall tended to be the biggest earner, although some countries like Russia preferred iPad Apps over their smallest sized counterparts.

apple revenuepercountry


Apple’s the place to be

In further research, Distimo found that Candy Crush was responsible for being the top earner in both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, with the company announcing it had earned more than $195 million in revenue, earning an estimated $800k per day.

It is clear that whilst the Google Play Store wins by sheer volume of App downloads, the Apple ecosystem remains the place to be to make money according to the statistics. However, Candy Crush has shown that a healthy profit can be made with the right model in both ecosystems, all you need is the right idea, marketing distribution, and takeup and you’re sure to be on for a winner! But, in another few months, will Google overtake Apple?