Berenberg analyst Andaan Ahmad says Apple that true fans can get behind — buy Tesla and, by implication, Elon Musk — insanely-great or just, well, crazy?Here’s to the crazy ones. Whereas almost no one would shed a tear if that wacko Carl Icahn drove himself off a cliff, Berenberg analyst Andaan Ahmad has a plan that true Apple fans can get behind — buy Tesla and, by implication, Elon Musk. Insanely-great or just, well, crazy?

CNN Money reports that Ahmad has sent an open-letter to CEO Tim Cook that carries a simple proposal — buy out electric car maker Tesla and then name Elon Musk CEO of Apple:

“You could strike up a partnership and obtain a new iconic partner to lead Apple’s innovation drive,” Ahmad wrote.

For a paltry $19.7 billion, Tesla’s current market cap, not only would Apple instantly gain another iconic product — call it the the iCar — but also a visionary and iconic leader.

So, does Apple need another visionary leader or is Jony Ive enough? Additionally, although people complain about his leadership, Tim Cook has done a pretty good job, including execute some rather risky maneuvers, like rolling out 64-bit mobile processors and fire Scott Forstall.

So, should Apple buy Tesla, and Tony Stark Elon Musk?


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    Nah. Elon is a one hit wonder. Besides Mercedes Benz owns part of Tesla.

    And another thing: Elon hasn’t shown he can make the kind of profits that Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have and continue to do.

    Elon is small fish.

    Talk to us when Tesla is the most profitable automobile manufacturer in the world.

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    Michael Dell

    Rilly? Working for Apple would be a serious demotion for Musk — he has his eyes set on the stars!

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    Richard Solomon

    Clearly you aren’t familiar with Elon Musk. One hit wonder? Have you heard of PayPal? Which made him wealthy before selling. And now he’s successful with not just Tesla, but also SpaceX and SolarCity. In college he said he wanted to revolutionize the way money is transacted on the internet, explore other planets, and reduce or eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. I don’t see why he would want to be involved with a consumer products company.

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