iphone 5s

A new picture that has leaked onto the Internet shows numerous trays of batteries reportedly made for the new Apple iPhone 5S, suggesting large scale production and assembly could begin in the very near future.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen parts that are reportedly straight from the assembly line. Only recently we says what was said to be the front casing and display of the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S – S for September?

The iPhone 5S is widely expected to be released around September or October this year, a year since the iPhone 5 was released. It would be of no surprise then that the iPhone 5S is beginning its mass production phase with the rumoured release date rapidly approaching.

iphone 5s

The leaked photo shows batteries apparently produced for the iPhone 5S before they have been fitted with the connections to the logic board. There is no label shown on the batteries so specs around the capacity and voltage are presently unknown. Because of this lack of label, it is also pretty impossible to verify that these are indeed for the iPhone 5S, or in fact any Apple product for that matter, they could be just random batteries. With that said, however, they do appear to be the same size and dimensions of the iPhone 5 battery, laying some legitimacy to the claim.

With Apple products being probably the most leaked out there, and especially the components finding a regular place in the news, it is difficult to authenticate this leak. However, if the source is correct, then Apple could be beginning the mass-production phase for the iPhone 5S and consequently the launch could be only a few months away. An October release would definitely see parts begin to filter through to the production line for the prototype designs and testing units.

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