Apple iPhone

New Apple iPhone model may be cheaper to stop losses to other smartphone giants.

Well, it looks like it has finally come down to this. A showdown between the Apple iPhone  and other smartphone giants that may ultimately decide the fate of Apple. As Korean giant, Samsung, climbs over (and steps on) Apple on the ladder of success, the California tech company is going to have to make a decision. Apple iPhone

According to recent reports this week, it looks like the decision has been made on Apple’s part. Sources that are affiliated with Apple say that the American giant is working on a cheaper version of the Apple iPhone as we speak, according to the Wall Street Journal. Cheap, for the Apple iPhone, is certainly a far cry from the norm, but it may be just what the company needs.

Given that Samsung is quickly dominating the smartphone market with their affordable handsets, if makes perfect sense that Apple would try to recoup some of their losses with a cheaper, more accessible, phone.

A move like this will likely afford the Apple iPhone a chance to gain back the portions of market that it has lost to cheaper android phones that have saturated the market.

The Wall Street Journal report says that an iPhone Mini could ship as early as the end of this year. However, the question remains: How will the Apple iPhone be cheapened? Will the aluminum shell be replaced with polycarbonate? What about a less-refined resolution or lower quality retina display?

Either way, there has been a definite slip of the Apple iPhone market share ever since Samsung’s Galaxy line was released. Even a lower quality iPhone may help bandage the hemorrhaging place in Apple’s company.

Now all that’s left is to wait and see how Apple handles the encroaching mediocrity that is about to consume their company and launch Samsung to the top.