Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

$1 billion. That’s how much Apple’s court win against Samsung is worth. And while Samsung is still appealing that decision and counter-suing Apple, all this attention on the legal battle seems to have some unexpected positive results for the South Korean electronics company, specifically on their flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

Analytics company Localytics has taken a look at Samsung’s sales numbers following Apple’s victory and the announcement of the iPhone 5. Surprisingly, none of these seem to have had a negative impact on the Galaxy S III and, in fact, seems to be helped increase sales:

Localytics Samsung Galaxy S III iPhone 5

“The first spike in weekly growth coincides with the same week that a jury awardedApple $1 billion for Samsung infringing on Apple’s patents. The deluge of post-litigation press coverage both drove general attention to Samsung and suggested that Samsung devices were similar enough to iPhones to be an option for many consumers.

“The second spike started the week of September 12, when Apple announced the new iPhone 5. Apple’s announcement was quickly followed by hundreds of stories comparing the two phones, most of which again suggested they were similarly capable. That combined with the slowdown in new Galaxy S3 growth seen leading up to Apple’s announcement (week-over-week new devices were the same as the previous week, resulting in 0% growth) suggest that many consumers were waiting to hear about the new iPhone before making a decision.”

The study doesn’t provide any the actual number of units sold not does it go into the sales numbers of the iPhone 5 at this time. Still, it’s surprising to know that the Galaxy S III’s sales jumped up by 9 percent.  People didn’t seem to care that Samsung was at the losing end of the lawsuit and their competitor was announcing the iPhone 5.

Localytics believes that this study could also mean that people aren’t as loyal to brands or operating systems as believed and that people really thought that the Galaxy S III was better than what the iPhone 5 would turn out to be:

“A possible implication of this analysis is that a portion of smartphone users appear less tied to a particular operating system, instead comparing the full package of device, mobile network and available apps before choosing what to buy. This not only creates new opportunities for Android device manufacturers but also new Windows 8 devices.”

Did you buy a Galaxy S III after Apple won the court battle or when the iPhone 5 was announced? Do you think the Galaxy S III is better than the iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. My brother left the iOS world last week and picked up the SGIII. His first comment “I love the big screen”

  2. S3 for life, bought it the first week it came out, and im stick to it i dont care if iphone5 or 5s or 5s2 comes out!! S3 for life !!

  3. I believe that the increases (hardly call it a spike) on the 2 occasions were mere coincidences. If they didn’t “care” about the lawsuit nor announcement, the only other explanation is “hate buying”. I have to admit, I “hate bought” when the iPhone 4 came out, apple policies provided a lot of hassles, and was persuaded to buy an android. I got the Galaxy S. I loved the screen, the AMOLED screen really is super. It’s infinite contrast ratio (betcha more than 70% Galaxy owners don’t know what that means, without cheating/googling) will really make an impact on Large screen TV’s when they make them cheaper to produce. That will be soon. But my love for the Galaxy ended with the screen. The android OS (and apps development) just wasn’t for me. Still glad I returned it and got the 4 (glad not jubilant). I have a jelly bean device (nexus 7) which is a great evolution from the “E” desert OS (can’t remember name, and still prefer the iOS environment (which hasn’t really changed all that much, save for its apps. Oh, just to note, apple fanboys are equally as annoying as android fanboys.

    After writing this comment, and thinking back, I’m almost convinced the increases were due to hate selling (by the cellphone shop sales people). Wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll be reading “Hate Gate” in the near future. LOL, the drama cellphones provide for us. Only in America!

    Science and Tech consultant.

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