Apple Maps launched in September 2012 and lots of people, especially the haters, hated it. However, just over a year later and all of that misapplied angst has been forgotten — Apple Maps is more popular than searchzilla’s crestfallen mapping service.

Once upon a time, September of last year, actually, Google Maps claimed 81 million mobile users. No more, as more than 23 million of those users fled into Apple’s ample and waiting arms.

According to web data miners Comscore, about 35 million iPhone owners in the US used Apple Maps in September 2013, while only 6 million chose Google Maps (GM). Moreover, of those, around 2 million were using GM because they couldn’t upgrade to iOS 6 or later — dead users walking.

“For the average user, even if they have the Google Maps app, they don’t use it a lot,” said Andrew Lipsman, analyst, ComScore.

“Google has lost access to a very, very important data channel in the North American market,” commented Ben Wood, mobile analyst, CCS Insight.

“We’re not currently sharing details on the number of downloads,” said Google in a statement. “While we can’t disclose specific performance metrics, we’re pleased with the product and user feedback has been positive.”

So pleased, in fact, that they’re not sharing any numbers, which is a far cry from last December when GM for iOS launched into the top spot of Apple’s App Store — no such crowing today.

Apple Maps: Real Users

That said, Comscore added there are 9.7 million daily Apple Maps mobile users versus 7.2 million GM users on Android. Further, these daily iPhone + Maps users clock on average 75.5 minutes per month versus just 56.2 minutes for GM on Android.

Once again, Apple’s smaller iPhone installed base delivers where it really matters — more people using Maps for longer periods. And, it only took Apple Maps a year to kick the pooh out of searchzilla…

Poor, poor Google — NOT…

What’s your take?

Via The Guardian

  1. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, eh?

    “…Comscore added there are 9.7 million daily Apple Maps mobile users versus 7.2 million GM users on Android. Further, these daily iPhone + Maps users clock on average 75.5 minutes per month versus just 56.2 minutes for GM on Android.”

  2. Of course you could read it as implying that Apple maps *need* to use it more often and for longer because they’re lost.

  3. Daz, the iphone is perfectly suited for a woman’s small hands. Most women arent interested in tech and just want a phone that makes phone calls and maybe post a photo to facebook. As a simple entry level smartphone the iphone is ideal women and grandparents. That would explain the claim that iphone users need to use maps more often.

  4. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, eh?
    Try reading the entire article, not just the bit that works for you. now try doing the math, in context, of all the numerical claims and if you passed sandbox at school you will find it doesnt add up.
    But as an apple fan im sure you wont let facts get in the way of your beliefs.

  5. Then most people are good at ignoring the evidence in front of their faces. Apple Maps STILL sucks, at least in the D.C. metro area. It takes me on “shortcuts” through extra stop signs (and sometimes iffy neighborhoods) to save a few feet of distance, and is too often completely clueless about things like the inability to turn left across a divided road (which Google Maps has no problem with). When I ignore one of its nonsensical turns, instead of recalculating the route it will keep telling me for way too long to make a U turn. Perhaps worst of all, the traffic info is vastly more difficult to read, and much less accurate, than with Google.

    I’ve been an iPhone user since the 3GS, but have just ordered a Nexus 5. I’ll keep buying iPads, and using Macs, but I’m done with the iPhone. Navigation is my primary use for my phone, and Apple Maps just doesn’t make the grade. The lack of Siri integration with Google Maps means that it’s severely disadvantaged on the iPhone. With Android you can choose your default apps, but with iOS Apple’s pride takes precedence over utility.

  6. No mention of the fact that when you click to open something that uses you map software the iPhone automatically loads Apple Maps. Thereby forcing users to use it even if they did want to use Google Maps.

    Ditto for email, browsers, etc. It doesn’t care what you downloaded from the app store, if you didn’t open it directly, iOS couldn’t care less.

    It’s all Apple all the time!

    I’m sure eventually you just get used to being told what to use.

  7. Yes, but what it DOES account for is when an iOS user opens the Google Maps app. So even if you get defaulted into the Apple Maps app when looking up an address but then open Google Maps while driving there, Google gets a usage hit for the month. The metric identifies how many times Google Maps is used by iOS users, so someone who has an active preference for Google will always count toward Google’s numbers.

    I think the conclusion to be drawn is that Apple Maps has at least been good enough to prevent iOS users from regularly opening Google Maps.

  8. And by the same virtue, anyone who has an active preference for google maps will also count towards apple should it open up apple maps despite them wanting to use google maps. take 10 people, each want to open google maps, but the app they are in opens up apple maps instead, and they then close it to get google maps up. By the figures, apparently 50% want to use apple and 50% want to use google despite all 10 people wanting to use google.

  9. Well, everyone is certainly entitled to his or her own opinion, so here’s mine. I also live in the DC area and use Apple Maps daily without a problem. To be fair, I’m not always thrilled by the route algorithms used, but I haven’t found a navigation program yet that’s clearly superior in that regard (and I’ve used them all).

    You can declare that I’m “ignoring the evidence in front of me” if you choose, but it’s pretty arrogant to assert that anyone who disagrees with your judgment simply has his head in the sand. Intelligent people can simply disagree.

  10. But that doesn’t account for the difference in usage minutes. If you get defaulted into Apple Maps but then use Google Maps for driving most of the time, Google gets the lion’s share of usage minutes.

  11. I prefer to use apple maps as already used both systems and apple maps gave me better directions to find my way when I used the same route to google maps truth be told I lost many times and ended up doing a worse way and longer in my opinion this apple maps on track to achieve success but still have a long way to go especially need to have more and better features.

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