Apple Partners With SAP to Create Better iOS Apps for iPhone 6S Future Apple Tech
Apple Partners With SAP to Create Better iOS Apps for iPhone 6S Future Apple Tech

In a recent press release, Apple announced a partnership with SAP today to create new iOS software development kits, training academies, and better native iOS apps tailored to user’s needs.

CUPERTINO, CA and WALLDORF, Germany- On the 5th of May, Apple released their plans to partner with SAP to innovate new, more helpful technology for iOS users (especially in light of the issues with the IPad Pro and the most recent iOS update). SAP has a storied history of transforming companies, and Apple is hoping to use this technology (and SAP’s 2.5 million developers) to incorporate a faster cloud system, giving users more agile and capable devices.

SAP and Apple Join Forces to Begin to Support Businesses

These services are expected to help Apple form better understandings of core data and the processes that businesses perform while still taking advantage of key Apple functionalities (like Touch ID, location services, and notifications, says Apple representative Ryan James).

According to the press contact for SAP (Scott Behles), this new update (called SAP Fiori) will take the iOS to another level, providing critical business operations, as well as more robust technology to help new developers better create apps for the software. This includes a completely updated SDK, design language, and academy training (for “Geniuses”) as soon as the end of the year.

Better Operation for Multi-Level Businesses

It’s expected that most of the changes made will affect the operation of iPhones and Ipads for future business development. “SAP will create more enterprising data, processes, and better user experiences. . . that enable a field maintenance worker to order parts or schedule service, or a doctor to share. . . patient data with other healthcare professionals.”

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree: A Move to Old Tactics

Many of us forget that Apple began as a computer software company for other businesses with Macintosh in the early 80’s. It would appear that Apple is making a similar move (despite the “seamless experiences between consumer goods”) to make better products for businesses needing more technology in the future.

You can read the blog for yourself here.

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