iPad News: Mid-Cycle Update Rumored for iPad 3 Display

Is this part of the ‘biggest product cycle update in history’ that Apple is said to be readying? The idea, a mid-cycle upgrade that makes the already world-beating iPad 3 even thinner and more power efficient, fits the mold, but swapping out an already excellent display for a better one isn’t stunningly practical.

The Taiwan edition of the Apple Daily claims it has heard that Apple plans to replace the IPS LCD in the 2012 iPad for a Sharp IGZO-based panel. That said, the story goes that Apple originally planned to use Sharp’s thinner more energy efficient LCD tech in this year’s iPad update, but scrapped the idea after the component maker couldn’t deliver sufficient yields to meet demand.

According to Apple Daily (via DigiTimes), Apple will right that wrong before Summer’s end.

Whereas Apple is known for killing off its babies before they get old (i.e. iPod mini), it would unprecedented for the company to do such a thing with a product such as the iPad 3 mid-cycle. Moreover, why would they do it right now, when the iPad 3 is selling like hot cakes — Contractual obligation? Adherence to Jobsian purity?

Never underestimate Apple’s ability to surprise, but don’t look for this loopy idea to come true.

What’s your take?

via Cult of Mac