Apple smartwatch concepts

Apple smartwatch concepts

After details from the Wall Street Journal about a new Apple smartwatch emerged, there have been a lot of artists that want to get their concept of what the iWatch may look like from Apple.

The problem with most of these Apple smartwatch concepts are that they will probably be better than Apple’s end product. We remember the iPhone 5 with a laser keyboard and transparent screen, an excellent video concept that never came to the finished iPhone.

This doesn’t mean anything, it just shows that some peoples imagination may not be as in tune as Apples. Johnny Ive may be a brilliant hardware designer but some of these designers on Photoshop have nice Apple smartwatch concepts.

Apple smartwatch concepts

Nothing is certain, yet and most of these concepts point to the openness that Apple can achieve. The previous watch had a rounded plastic design with a built in screen and front facing camera.

The Wall Street Journal did say that Apple were experimenting with this type of material and this could well make its way to the iWatch. As we have seen with the Kickstarter E-Ink watch that is only less than a millimetre thick, Apple may go for a slim, clean design.

We are unsure what Apple will integrate into the iWatch, some are saying that Siri will be added so you can use voice recognition to respond to notifications.

Apple smartwatch concepts

Other say it will work a lot like the iPod Nano and it may be released as the next generation of the Nano, killing off the poor selling MP3 line. Smartwatches seem to be getting a lot more popular since Pebble added their version on Kickstarter.

In our mind this could be the real deal, Apple do need some new life and this could be a product with a lot of potential. On the other hand, the TV is a market Apple could of been running by now if they had of shipped products when the first rumours and leaks came out, about four years ago.

It all depends on what the minds in Apple are working on.

Would you buy into Apple’s iWatch, or is the smartwatch a gadget you can’t see in your life? Tell us in the comments!